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Barony of Kingsfall

Discussion in 'Machiavel: Ambition' started by Artless, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Name: Johan Alrecht
    Barony of Kingsfall
    Age: 21
    Tenure: 6 Months
    Married to: Elysia Alrecht (A commoner)
    Children: nil
    Parents: Tormand (Father, Deceased), Alacia (Mother, in Mourning)
    Siblings: Roland, Jorge, both Elder brothers, both deceased.
    Current Heir: Nil
    Other Relatives:
    Immediate Overlord: Viscount of Helsig
    Other Overlords: Count of Menertsich, Duke of Rek

    Johan was fostered at the Imperial court from 12-18. This is as a result of a tradition goin bacl over a hundred years.

    seneschal: Arnie
    exchequer minor: Toran
    Sheriff - Travels the Barony: Hal
    Chamberlain: Madam Duvou
    Castellan: Master Knowles
    Master of Foot: Captain Thomas
    Master of Horse: Lorenzar Tai'no

    Residence: [if you’ve named your keep; improvements, if you’ve made any]
    Military: 2 units of regular Infantry.
    1 unit of Light Cavalry - The Second Sons (Made up of younger sons of nobles etc. Johan was an officer in the regiment)
    1 Unit of Light Cavalry - Lorenzar's Raiders (Lorenzar is a foreigner who used to command a mercenary company of Light Horse. Some followed him when he took service with Johan)
    Arms: black sword shattering gold crown, blue field

    Location: NW frontier region of Kingdom of Lorthegnar
    Labor Type: serfs

    Town: Harvarl, marketplace, small church
    Villages: 2
    Hamlets: 3

    Improvements: Mill, Stone Masons Chapter house, Watchtower, Common Use Plot
    Major resources: Vegetables, Tin, Livestock, Hay, Dyestuffs, Grain, Flax, Dairy
    Crafts: Fine Cloth, Luxury Clothing, Dressed Stone
    Major vassals:

    Brief Description:
    It doesn’t get much more “frontier” than Kingsfall, at least not in the present day. Resting on the north border of the Kingdom or Lorthegnar, in the Viscounty of Halsig, County of Menertsich, Duchy of Rek, its two most notable features are its rugged terrain and the fact that it is within one of the few realms with a monosyllabic name. It is an indifferent agricultural producer, with the significant exception of large fields of dye-producing plants; this, plus its tin mine, are the most important sources of revenue. Usable stone is known to lie within its mountains, but the depth of the deposits has prevented previous barons from exploiting it.
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  2. Ravana

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    Joyous news! Elysia, Baroness of Kingsfall, is expecting a child. This will be Baron Johan's first heir. May her term be untroubled and her child healthy, and may they all enjoy long life.

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