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Barony of Marnau

Discussion in 'Machiavel: Ambition' started by Ravana, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Ravana

    Ravana Istar

    Barony of Marnau

    Name: Heverik of Maritsa
    Age: 31
    Tenure: nine years
    Other Titles/Offices: Prince
    Married to: Baroness Sigrelyn Drachteving (b. 353)
    Children: not considered likely
    Parents: Harich (b. 318, d. 364); Talindela (b. 321)
    Siblings: Ezelir, Prince-Viscount of Ragnavik (elder brother, b. 336)
    Current Heir: wife, then brother (or as determined by Maritsa line)

    Other Near Relatives: Anitresa, Princess-Viscountess of Darvingdel and Governor of Funfberg-Turingdor (aunt); Lesilet, Princess of Namsturming and Baroness of Selevich (aunt); Sir Holdir, Prince, Commander of the Coronet (Funfberg chapter; uncle); Duchess Siguving of Sjaermund (mother-in-law); Teszlar, Prince-Baron of Hintersturming and Governor of Upper Dascu (father-in-law and cousin)

    Immediate Overlord: Ezelir, Prince-Viscount of Ragnavik
    Other Overlords: Prince-Count of Haveling; Sazomir, Prince Regnant-Apparent of Maritsa (as Duke of Turingdor) and Nestreza (as Regent)

    seneschal: Sir Horik Agelvar
    exchequer minor: Lady Zinida of Darvingdel
    reeve: Prince Avirin of Maritsa
    ensign: Sir Elyda (also personal priestess)
    chamberlain: Baronet Tela Frondesh
    castellan: Sir Elyda
    other officers: Master Erschof, Chief Tailor; Mistress Melatta, Head Keeper of Wardrobe; Midich, Secretary of Wardrobe Records

    - official: Marnau Keep (rarely used)
    - spring (occasionally): High Feyehal
    - autumn (occasionally): Tanzelschloss
    - other times: imperial court

    Arms: per quarter: (one and four) Maritsa, (two and three) something that looks like Cthulhu sneezed out

    Fame: 6
    Influence: 1
    Reputation: 4
    OStentation: you betcha

    Location: north central Principality of Maritsdor, center of empire
    Region: Funfberg-Turingdor
    Population: c. 9500

    Major Vassals (other than Retainers/Courtiers):
    lady, knight banneret

    Glitzernveisbergburg (town)
    - defenses: bailey
    - improvements: marketplace, small church, distillery, factory (dyed cloth)

    Village #1
    - defenses: palisade
    - improvements: marketplace, chapel, vineyard

    Village #2
    - defenses: palisade
    - improvements: marketplace, stamp mill (silver), tannery

    Village #3
    - defenses: palisade
    - improvements: stamp mill (copper)

    Hamlet #1
    - defenses: palisade
    - improvements: –

    Improvements (fief): good road network

    Major Products: copper, dairy, decorative stone, dyed cloth, dyestuff, fine clothing, fine spirits, flax/hemp, fruit, fur, lace, lime, salt, silver, stone, timber, wine, wire, wool

    Short Description:
    If you like viewing scenery, Marnau is the place for it–at least as long as its lord is away at court. The only parts of the barony that aren’t sloped are wooded, including large areas of old-growth forest in spite of being in the very heart of the empire. This combination of circumstances means that apart from some livestock and fruit, the land imports all its food. Which makes it fortunate it is capable of exporting numerous other goods, including a goodly portion of the silver the empire mints coins from, a fair amount of the copper other nobles mint coins from, plus building stone, lime, salt, timber, and such portions of its dyestuffs, flax and wool as escape the prince’s attentions. In celebration of his recent marriage, the prince has undertaken a crash building program, involving numerous improvements to the fief’s commercial and economic life–fields he’d heretofore demonstrated minimal interest in–as well as mandating that all his subjects’ roofs be sheathed in copper. At his own expense, of course. The announcements that for the entirety of the year he was also doubling the dowry he customarily settled upon any of his subjects when they married, would build a new house for each such couple, and gift a silver ring to each child born, are expected to set off a massive upswing in familial activity… and no doubt immigration. Nor did the prince neglect his own estate, ordering restorative work done on the glazing of his barns as well as installing new chimneys in them, clad in the decorative stone recently discovered while working the copper seam.

    Marnau is also renowned for its hunting; fortunately for its wildlife, the prince already owns sufficient variety and combination of just about anything which can be derived from it… a circumstance abetted by the prince’s own complete ignorance of the art. His new wife is undertaking to remedy the situation. Oddsmakers have seen a surge in business as a consequence. Currently, the payout on what the prince will shoot first is:
    - his own horse: 5-2;
    - an attendant: 7-2;
    - one of his new hounds: 4-1;
    - a peasant: 9-2;
    - a cow: 5-1;
    - a goat or ram: 6-1;
    - a field mouse: 7-1 (the assumption is he will be aiming at something else);
    - a sheep or pig: 9-1 (they don't have horns);
    - a cuttlefish: 12-1;
    - any prey animal: 23-1 (these have been consolidated owing to a lack of wagers on any specific species);
    - his wife will shoot him first: 11-9.

    Bets are not being accepted on anything inanimate, whether intentional or not.
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