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Barony of Negelovach

Discussion in 'Machiavel: Ambition' started by Eliazar, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Eliazar

    Eliazar Scribe

    Name: Balder von Hohenfels
    Barony of Negelovach
    Age: 21
    Married to: Amalia von Hohenfels
    Children: -
    Parents: Grunar von Hohenfels (†), Edith von Hohenfels (†), Augusta von Hohenfels (stepmother, †)
    Siblings: Janis von Hohenfels (age 19), Sophia & Astralia von Hohenfels (twin sisters, age 15)
    Current Heir: .-
    Other Relatives: Lady Melisina von Hohenfels (second cousin, sister of Amalia, 23)

    Immediate Overlord: Prince Lodeszanyr, Viceroy of Daneshvar
    Other Overlords: Queen of Kereszney

    Seneschal: Gabor Bethlen
    Exchequer Minor: Romed Rublev
    Reeve: Erzsebet Bathory
    Ensign: Janis von Hohenfels
    Chamberlain: Ursu Horea
    Castellan: Ursu Horea
    Other Officers:

    Residence: Castle Hohenfels

    Arms: heraldry2.jpg

    Location: Crown Province of Daneshvar
    Region: Daneshvar, Kingdom of Kereszney
    Population: 6780
    Labor Type: serfs

    Town: Harghita [marketplace, small church]
    Villages: Erdely [marketplace, brass smithy, gristmill]
    Hamlets: Alba, Brasov, Covasna

    Major resources:
    Crafts: Smithy for brass

    Major vassals: Lady Melisina von Hohenfels

    The older, more established nobility of the Kingdom of Kereszney often refer to the Crown Province of Daneshvar as “the land of opportunity”—and rarely mean anything good by it. Twice the size of the largest duchy in the kingdom, the region consists mostly of sparsely-settled, rolling plains, barely touched at its western extremity by the major waterways that dictate so much of the life of the empire, old or new. The eastern regions are drained by their own river system, which flows into the Northeast Sea; the northern borders are sheltered from neighboring duchies by mountain ranges; the southern ones are sheltered from the horse-tribes of the east by nothing whatsoever. Lucky you, you’re in the north. Even luckier, some ancestor of yours happened to choose a location where the change from plains to mountains is fairly abrupt, giving you not only an abundance of fertile land, but an astounding mineral wealth—not all of which has been exploited yet. Somewhat less fortunate is your ancestor’s lack of foresight when it came to developing his herds, given the commonness of horses elsewhere in the region… but the goats love the upland pasturage, and can be milked and shorn just fine. You are also the proud owner of a rare stand of sandalwood trees—an exotic resource; the importance of not overharvesting it has been drilled into you from the cradle (a lesson made all the more effective since your cradle was made of it… the odor of sandalwood is the earliest memory you have). The appanage your great-grandfather originally awarded his second son in order to quarry the salt there may become a bone of contention in the future, considering what else has been discovered since that time; on the other hand, the present holder of the title is your sister-in-law, so it’s not unreasonable to expect a fair level of cooperation from that source. A lower than average scattering of aristocratic vassals is offset by a surprisingly large commercial class—so maybe this is a land of opportunity after all.
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  2. Eliazar

    Eliazar Scribe

    People of Negelovach!

    My dear Father, may he rest in peace, though a respectable and noble man, has left our province undeveloped and our precious ressources unused.

    Thus, it will be my first aim to direct our common efforts to appreciate and use the natural gifts God[Sun?] gave us. Last month, major improvements have already been made to the Barony: A Gristmill has been build in Erdely and the improvment of our roads has started. Also, we have been blessed with wonderful weather so our fields yielded and exceptional harvest. The success of our barony has led foreigners to migrate here, and increasing our housing capabilities is thus a major apect of the plan to further our development even more. I am convinced that continue on this good path the following month.

    Furthermore, I am happy to announce that my beloved wife Amalia is pregnant with our first child.

    My brother will continue to visit all settlements regularly. If you have any concerns or worries, he will listen to you, as will I, of course.

    Peace and Light with you all,

    Lord Balder von Hohenfels
  3. Silver Pegasus

    Silver Pegasus Scribe

    Fox is clever, but hawk sees his subterfuges.

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