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Barony of Overmoor

Discussion in 'Machiavel: Ambition' started by Sparkie, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Sparkie

    Sparkie Auror

    Name: Dirk Moorstead
    Barony of Overmoor
    Age: 25
    Tenure: 3 years
    Married to: --(widower)
    Children: Guy Moorstead, M, 7
    Parents: (deceased)
    Siblings: Dyet Moorstead, F, 19
    Current Heir: Guy Moorstead
    Other Relatives:

    Immediate Overlord: Count of Alsno
    Other Overlords: Duke Svaendag of Juliberg

    seneschal: Wallace Coke, M, 43
    exchequer minor: Harlan Hull, M, 25
    reeve: Hamish Braun, M, 46
    ensign: Bran Poole, M, 23
    chamberlain: Dyet Moorstead
    castellan: Mala Lerned, F, 30
    physician: Aya Lerned, F, 28
    Astrologer\Interpreter: Gwyn West, F, 63

    Residence: Moorstead Tower
    Military: one archer unit, one light infantry, one light cavalry

    Arms: Rock Badger

    “Always noticeable, if not by name, then certainly by limp.”

    “So sad, really. First his wife was taken by the plauge, then his brother, then his parents, then his daughter. No wonder he seems ill-tempered.”

    “He’s an alright sort, if a bit standoffish. His sister is a friendly one, though. Always see her flitting about, even with the bad arm. It’s a real shame about his boy. I hear he can’t even walk.”

    “I guess he’s doing better. He went from a crutch to a cane. Still, the illness kept him out of the right circles for far too long. He’s not a likely contender anymore. Perhaps that’s why he’s still dangerous.”

    Location: eastern half of County of Alsno (map ref# 144), Duchy of Juliberg, near center of northern border of empire
    Region: Northmark (1)
    Population: 65 peasant, 10 craft

    Town: Kaerbijn; marketplace, small church, vineyard
    Villages: Dystervin; chapel; distillery
    Hamlets: two

    Improvements: Stone Mine

    Major resources: Brick, Stone, Wine, Fine Spirits

    Major vassals: Baronet: Carl Lerned, Lord: Georg Krull

    Short Description: The Barony of Overmoor lies on the eastern border of Juliberg, a former march that has recently been doubled in size and elevated to a duchy, where it meets with the similarly recently-promoted Duchy of Sjaermund and the much more venerable Duchy of Evanstad.

    The north of the barony rises abruptly out of the plain into steep hills leading to mountains that have shielded it from cross-border incursions by the Kingdom of Lorthegnar; numerous streams running off these provide abundant water, gathering in progressively greater numbers of pools until they somewhat unfortunately become a sizable swamp in the barony’s southwest. The limited good farming land is quite fertile, though, and is noted in particular for the abundance of spices that can be grown there. In combination with an unusual commercially-exploitable flower crop and the availability of wine-making berries, this has led to the beginnings of a specialty liquor industry, though this is yet in its infancy… and the attempt to exploit the berries, most of which still grow in the swamps, has led to some nasty episodes of disease recently.

    A reliable clay deposit presently feeds brick-making, and could be developed into ceramics or tile manufacture; there is known to be a deposit of good building stone in the mountains, though so far attempts to find anything more valuable have been frustrated.

    A much smaller than normal aristocracy contrasts with a somewhat larger than normal commercial class.
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  2. Sparkie

    Sparkie Auror

    "My lord is happy to report that his sister, Dyet, has recovered from her breif illness, and has once again taken up her regular duties as chamberlain. His son, Guy, continues to improve." -- William Coke, in a letter to Lord Krull's steward.
  3. Sparkie

    Sparkie Auror

    "It's hard to say who has more sway; the Baronet, or his daughter, the castellan." -- Overheard in Moorstead Tower's archery range.
  4. Sparkie

    Sparkie Auror

    Overheard in the scullery:

    "Yet another heated discussion between Bran and Harlan last night. It kept me awake for a good long while."

    "Don't understand. Aren't they friends?"

    "Friends argue. It's a rule of life."

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