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Barony of Turmitz

Discussion in 'Machiavel: Ambition' started by myrddin173, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Name: Alecsander Hollo
    Barony of Turmitz
    Age: 16 (born Semanu, Year 356)
    Tenure: 1 month (ascended Adomru, Year 372)
    Other Titles: Viscount of Hudlerik, 1 month (ascended Adomru, Year 372)
    Former Titles: Baron of Ravnitz (Coatsu, Year 371-Adomru, Year 372)
    Married to: Katerina Hollo (16; born Inghitsi, Year 356)
    Children: none
    Parents: Juliana, Former Baroness of Ravnitz, Reeve (44; born Coatsu, Year 328); Janos, Baron of
    Ravnitz (DECEASED-45; born Arat, Year 327; died Coatsu, Year 371)​
    Siblings: Marisa (7; born Forlu, Year 365)
    Current Heir: Marisa (Juliana and Katerina would act as Co-Regents until she comes of age)
    Other Relatives: Izsac Kovacs, Baron of Ravnitz; Kristof Kovacs, Baronet;

    Immediate Overlord: Count of Murgethalsing
    Other Overlords: Drebham, Electoral Grand Duke of Meinerthagn

    seneschal: Lord Anton Petrachu
    exchequer minor: Konstantin Lakatos
    reeve: Valeria Kalmar
    ensign: Bernadett Eros
    chamberlain: Juliana Hollo
    castellan: Sir Melandri of Hudlerik

    Residence: Ismahingard; castle, two baracks, moat, warehouse
    Military: one unit light infantry, one unit archers

    Familial Arms:

    Location: North-east border of the Grand Duchy of Meinerthagn in the North-east of the Empire
    Region: Northern Riding (2)
    Labor Type: Serfs

    City: Ismahing; improvements: castle, large church, cistern, craft hall*, moat, monument, pier, sewers,
    town square, walls, well​
    Town: Tromelitz; improvements: small church, town square, walls, well
    Villages: Meladich; improvements: small church, bailey, marketplace, sugar refinery*, well
    Barik; improvements: small church, bailey, marketplace, well​
    Hamlets: none

    Improvements: three beehives, four orchards

    Major resources: [anything you can make a lot of—say, 4+ units—and anything else you might want people to know you’re selling]
    Crafts: [just which ones; don’t need numbers]

    Major vassals:
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