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Best RPG for PS3?


I just got a PS3 the other day and I'm looking for game ideas. I haven't owned a console since 2006, so I'm really behind on what's out there.

Skyrim looks cool and I hear about it all the time. What are some other sweet RPG's that I should look into? Anything that I can play around the kids is a plus.
Skyrim's good, mostly for its "wide world, take anything in any order with any skill specialty" freedom. It does have sequenced quests too (go here for this, then they send you there...) but it's not as central as you'd think.

My other favorite is Dragon Age, because that is laid out like a story that works. You have choices about your background's story, which lands to visit when, and lots about how to deal with each thing-- but it has more feel of storylike buildup than anything else I've ever played. Everything else works well too. (DA II is less epic and just smaller, but it has its moments and some refinements in the combat.)

(Don't know that either is too kid-friendly, though.)


White Knight by Level 5 was pretty good. The PS2 had a lot of really good RPGs too, so if you can find some of those...Radiata Knights, Kingdom Hearts series, and Rogue Galaxy were all pretty good.


The last RPG I played was Final Fantasy X11 on PS2 (I think). I remember it being decent. Kingdom Hearts was actually really fun, my kids would love that.

I almost picked Dragon Age up the other day, but I ended up buying Uncharted 3 instead. Looks awesome!


The God of War Series for you, Ratchet & Clank for the kiddies. My kids love that game.


The Uncharted series is pretty awesome, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. In regards to RPGs specifically, like others have mentioned Skyrim and Dragon Age 1 are really good for completely different reasons.

As for other suggestions, the Mass Effect and Fall Out series could be worth checking out too (don't think these qualify as kid friendly though).
I'd recommend going PC for Skyrim and DragonAge. I have Valkyria Chronicles and it is pretty amazing, although more tactics. Final Fantasy XIII was a fun game, although didn't have the FF feel I was looking forward to. Fallout 3 is a non-kid friendly game that is spectacular too, but again, I recommend it for the PC before a PS3. (Personal preference on DragonAge and Fallout 3, but the mods for Skyrim make the PC edition over and beyond the best in my opinion).

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch comes out next week and looks to be kid-friendly AND AMAZING (especially to fans of Studio Ghibli films).


I'll echo the Demon's Souls recommendation. It's a pretty amazing game and possibly a little better than Dark Souls (which, if you're looking for great RPGs, you should pick up as well).

They're not exactly kid games, but there's no swearing and it's not overly gory either (there's blood but, hell, what game doesn't have blood in it these days?).
From what I hear, Demon's/Dark Souls has a lot of swearing, from the player. I avoided them (and Dragon's Dogma) as games too likely to make me lie awake wondering how to get through a door alive instead of how to write.

Chris Conley

To add to the existing list:

Disgaea 4 if you're okay with SRPG's, as it's my favorite game on the system. Resonance of Fate is good, and definitely different. Alpha Protocol has some of the best "consequences" for your decisions. Eternal Sonata is very colorful.

Dragon Age 2 is much different than the original, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. Final Fantasy 13-2 was fun.
Nier was interesting, but it's FULL of swearing, so you could take a pass on that one.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is next on my to-play list, but I can't really recommend it (as I haven't played it).