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Bizarre, Goofy Dream I Had


I don't usually remember my dreams, and when I do it's usually either just vague flashes or it's the most tedious, mundane dreams that you can imagine. I suppose that my brain doesn't believe my crazier dreams, so it just throws them out. The most interesting dream that I remember recently was when I was sick and dreamed that I was a vacuum cleaner, and that was several months ago. But, this one was vivid and strange enough that I have to tell someone about it.

In real life, I've been making maple syrup with my dad for the last few weeks, collecting sap from trees around my house and my grandparents' house. The weather is warming up and the trees are starting to bud (plus we're getting a bit tired of standing out in the rain watching water boil), so we figured that it was about time to pull the taps and call it a year. I'd planned to drive out there today after church and pull taps.

The dream starts out, and I arrive at my grandparents' house. For some reason, I brought my sister along as well as a bag of college books and papers. My sister has nothing to do with making maple syrup and I'm off school this semester, so this is odd on both counts. We go in the house to talk to my grandparents for a bit, but somehow we discover that my grandparents are actually vampires. The dream gets a bit fuzzy at this point, but we get locked in cages in my grandparents' living room, apparently waiting to get turned into vampires. Somehow, I escape, but then I realize that I left my bag of school supplies inside and that I had to go get it (Take the fact that I was more concerned about my school supplies than my sister to mean what you will about the mind of a stressed college student). I then use my mind to enter a "console command" into reality to make myself invulnerable. That's not lucid dreaming, it's just what happened.

It's also about that point that I realized that this was actually a dream. When I realize I'm in a dream, I either A): immediately wake up, or B): look around hoping to wake up, then think "Well, guess I've got to wait this one out, then" and move on, kind of knowing in the background that this is actually a dream. The latter happened here. If you're wondering, I have no desire to enter the world of lucid dreaming. I've heard too many horror stories of sleep paralysis and people who forget what is a dream and what is real.

I head back inside to find my school supplies scattered on the floor. I begin to gather them up when I notice my grandfather sitting on the windowsill. He asks why I came back and says that they're just going to turn me into a vampire now. So, I tell him what I did to make myself invulnerable. He apparently accepts it, because he gets made at me for cheating him out of an extra vampire.

Somewhere in there the rest of my Dad's family shows up (who are apparently also all vampires), and now that I'm invulnerable I can safely talk to them and ask them questions about how they became vampires, how I can reverse vampirism, etc. Unfortunately, they don't know the answers to most of them and the few they did know are lost to the dream. The vampires also seem concerned that I'll reveal their true nature to the world when I leave. I tell them that I won't, but full intend on doing so anyways.

Eventually, I spot my sister sitting on the couch tightly squashed between two distant relatives, apparently lost in some sort of trance. I ask for her back, but they refuse. I decide that I've had enough of this and head to my car.

As I'm getting in, though, I realize that I still haven't pulled the taps and collected the buckets on the trees. So, I go do that. The dream gets fuzzy again here. There's a bit about some of my cousins sitting in a tree that is spraying sap like a fire hose, but the next thing I really remember is arriving at home, where my sister is somehow already there. I pull here aside and ask her if she's a vampire now, and she shows me her vampire teeth in response. Presumably she was sent home as insurance that I won't tell anyone about the vampires...? I try some more "console commands" to cure her of vampirism, but it doesn't work. Apparently, I only know the one to make myself invulnerable (Which, I mean, is a pretty good command to know, I suppose). I ask her when she is going to feed next, and she says on Wednesday. I actually remember starting to form a plan to stop her, but unfortunately I woke up before I could become an invulnerable vampire hunter.

So, that's it. I went up there today and pulled taps, had a nice conversation about our syrup production with my definitely non-vampire grandparents, and went home.

Also, I seem to vaguely remember having a dream right before this one about sitting in a movie theater filled with vampires. My only explanation for my brain's obsession with vampires last night is that I recently saw a commercial featuring two vampires, so there's also that.


Queen of Titania
Hello Vaporo!

Thank you very much for sharing that dream with us. I would have replied to you sooner, but recently I have been very active in a different site and I am just returning to activity here in Mythic Scribes. I hope that you enjoy the Dreamscape Forum and the many inspiring dreams that have been described around here.

Your dream is pretty bizarre, just as you described it yourself.

The fact that your own grandparents were vampires and treated you that way is the strangest aspect of your dream, at least in my opinion. In the vast majority of dreams, one's own family are almost never a danger or a threat of any kind. Well, they just wanted to turn you and your sister into vampires too but this oniric element is unusual anyway.

Were their voices the same that you know in waking life? What about their eyes?

In the other hand, I am not surprised that you were more worried about recovering your school supplies from the house than about a possible rescue of your sister. That's just an example of the usual weirdness that the Dreaming mind often displays. For example, some time ago I dreamed that I lived in a huge residential tower and then the entire city was destroyed by an earthquake.

After escaping from the rubble I became very worried about finding my printed stories. Not my silver, not my cash, not my expensive perfumes, not my Mac or my sword... Just my printed stories!

Curious I know, and a typical dream behavior.

The Console Command trick that you did is more uncommon, and I bet that it can be very funny and useful at least in certain dreams. The rest of your dream sounds positive, confusing and weird yes but definitely not a nightmare.

I bet that you were feeling very strange the following day!

Are you interested on writing a story inspired by that dream?
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Hmmm. It's been a while at this point. No, I don't remember anything strange about their eyes or voices. The only odd thing I remember in that vein was my grandfather's voice when he was angry. He's usually a pretty quiet person and I don't actually think that I've ever seen him angry enough to raise his voice, so my mind had to guess what it sounded like.

I don't think that the "Console Command" thing would work in another dream. I think that it was just a quirk of this particular dream. I've tried to take control of nightmares after I realized that they were dreams before, but never with any success.

Story? Not one that's meant to be taken seriously. But, it did give me the idea for Canadian Vampires: They don't actually suck blood, they just go around stealing maple syrup and leaving apology notes.