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Bloodborne: the Boss hunting


Welcome, hunters and blood-addled souls, to the special Boss Hunting session by… me.

WARNING ! due to the nature of this videos, here there be spoilers. WARNING !

Let's start with a special one, my favorite.
Gehrman !



Queen of Titania
Hello Loremongre and Welcome to Mythic Scribes!

Wow, that was some epic fight against Gehrman! I would say that you play pretty good, I would not want to fight you. Was that NG2 or NG3? It definitely looks like NG3 to me, even though I have little experience at those levels. Gehrman is perhaps the best boss in all of Bloodborne, and a very difficult one as well.

I have two Gehrman videos already, but I have not uploaded them to my YouTube channel yet. Anyway, here you can see one of my lady Hunters fighting Father Gascoigne:

You can see that I am a poorly skilled Bloodborne player, but sometimes I play much better than that. Bloodborne is definitely one of my favorites and most beloved games in my life!

Your Hunter looks very cool, are you Italian?


Thank you for apreciating a poor hunter for his hunting. Also yes, I'm italian.
Yes, by far, Gehrman is one of the best bosses I ever fought against. The arena, witht he flowers, the song playing during the fight, the fact he is condamned to an eternal pain but endure for the sake of those that come, keeping his burden even after hundreds of years (he is possibly 200 yars ago, given his attire).
And yes, that was NG2 (I rushed the first run so to juice up my Hunter).

Your lady actually fought pretty well. Gascoigne is Tricky, but rough, so evading and attacking is the best strategy.
Also, here's my battle against him.



Queen of Titania
Thanks, I was clapping at the end... and yeah, I would not want to invade you!

Another NG2 battle I see, and I am surprised that you destroyed Father Gascoigne so fast, since he becomes absurdly powerful even in the first NG adventure of all. I discovered this when I fought the Father in my first NG ever, and I was so confident, like: "I am so damn over-leveled! Just slaughtered Gehrman and Moon Presence! How hard can the new Gascoigne be?" and he killed me!

I never use the Music Box against him by the way, sorry but I think that it's a little unfair.

Alright, my turn! This is beautiful Shelly, my first Hunter ever. She's a classic by now, and very over-leveled. In this battle, she managed to destroy Paarl the Darkbeast in a very epic and exciting duel:

Paarl is one of my favorite bosses! The first time that I encountered this creature I was terrified and fascinated at the same time! I really love Bloodborne monsters, I love them all... We are lucky that they are not real here in Earth, anyway!


Ah, Paarl… on my first playthrough, I basically killed it in a mere seconds, but her (I'm going to using her) is one of my most troublesome boss battles. I frankly fear to fight her, contrary to a Lady Maria or an Ebrietas.
Her OST, also, inspired a character of a personal project of mine. The OST of the game is superb, but I must say that everytime I enter Upper Cathedral Ward, my blood froze thanks to Soothing Hymn.

I'll try to upload a boss battle, after my exams and work are over (shouldn't take long).
This is a bit excessive so feel free to not bother. I'm not a particular good player but do think ppl being scared if the bosses is half the difficulty. Tried to prove this to myself by soloing the game on the back of struggling with three of us. Recorded all my fights except the DLCS - only have the Orphan!)

But if anyone's interested... here's my second character's NG journey, massively abridged, and with some awesome tunes to boot.

Spoiler Alert: Even I am gobsmacked by how much of my arse was handed to me by the witches.