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No, I'm not French, I just didn't want to use hello again haha. I'm new to the whole forum/online community thing. The interwebs advised me to change that and so here I am, bright and green and ready to go. Call me Avery or Pierce or A.P., whatever you like ;) lol

My main writing focus is fantasy obviously, but as for sub-genres I'm not sure where I fit. I'd like to dabble in it all at least once, though. Currently I think I err on the side of epic and high fantasy but fiction is never a one-size fits all kind of deal. Any who, I'm here trying to learn the craft, create some bomb fiction, and hopefully start a community of fans for my own work. I mean, what else is there, right? (a lot actually, I'm just being silly)

Also, I happen to be looking/open to a critique partner/accountability buddy so don't be shy if you are too. That's the beauty of the internet; anonymity abounds. And if we don't click we can easily go our separate ways and end on a cordial note, no harm, no foul.

I wish everyone the best!


Myth Weaver
Hail and well met AveryPierce [aka Avery, Pierce or A.P.]
The glory of the internet... that any one of us could be the Singularity destined to become our overlords and is just posing as a would be SFF writer... to lure the unwary.
Hope you enjoy MS as much as I do. it is a great place to learn, share and have fun.
Bonjour Avery! No, I'm not French either :p I'm here for the exact same reasons as you, and as I read more and more introductions I'm becoming more comfortable with the idea of contributing more often. I love the idea of having a critique partner if you're interested. I'm pretty new to the sharing process, and I like the idea of becoming more comfortable with having my work combed over by others. Anyways, it's a pleasure t meet you! Talk soon I hope.