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Hello. I am a veteran of a Lord of the Rings role-playing forum, and do a lot of writing both in my job (scientific/legal) and for fun. I am really better at poetry, being a perfectionist at heart.

Much of my writing takes place in a vaguely medieval European or Japanese setting; depends on my mood. I sometimes incorporate more modern technologies, such as trains and firearms, as rare and precious items from a faraway advanced society, or as relics of a more enlightened past. Above all I think fiction should provide some insight into humanity itself, and I try to bring that into my (half-finished) stories.

Other than that; I am a chemical engineer, scholar of most kinds of history, dabbler in hockey, chess, and other stuff.

Post-Script: The Machiavel forum looks like a dream, but quite a lot to read up on, and I am not too sure if I will have the time to keep up. If anyone could provide some counsel on that, I would be appreciative.

Philip Overby

Article Team
If you're interested in the Machiavel game you can contact Ravana. He is the creator of the world and could fill you in on anything you'd like.



Welcome to Mythic Scribes, Ivan! It's great to have you here! See you around the forums!

San Cidolfus

Greetings and welcome, sir. You've come amid a fine and enviable circle of companions, geeks and patriots all. May you find what you seek here, and if you don't, we can probably order it.


Panther: No bar? At least tell me there is a keg in the cellar or somewhere...

Xanados: I was on LotR Plaza for a pretty long time. Riders of Rohan. It was a lot of fun but the group kind of changed as new people came and old ones left, not necessarily for the worse, they were just into different things, and none of the other groups appealed. So here I am, looking for a bar...

Aidan: I've seen (and coveted) those but never got them, most of my friends in school were more into card-based games.

Thanks everyone, look forward to some good times, even if they have to be without a bar.

Klee Shay

Be careful in your travels around the site. There's a mob of Bobs out there looking for evil villians to vanquish, and they aren't very particular about what they consider 'evil'.