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Care to look at some of my lyrics?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by UltimaBahamut93, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. UltimaBahamut93

    UltimaBahamut93 Dreamer

    I'm writing a concept album (for my black metal project) that is about an elderly man who has horrific visions and nightmares about beings from foreign dimensions. He begins to hallucinate symbols that he learns are magical in nature and of unknown origin. Near the end of the album he is dying and has learned through astral projections into these realms of a secret gate/portal that will allow him to ascend into a higher state of existence, becoming ethereal and escaping death. Casting this spell sends his soul through the gate and then he will exist in a new dimension of reality in a sense of elevated life. I'm going for a very Lovecraft vibe if you couldn't tell. This is the title track of the album, where he contemplates the fact that he is dying, that he fears and despises death, and is seeking escape from his own mortality. I wanted your opinions on it.

    Beyond the Eldritch Gate

    The curse of mortality
    The antithesis of life
    Awaiting the inevitable end

    The black curtain falls
    Suffocation of the soul
    A morbid mockery, the final breath

    Such a forlorn reality
    Moribund from birth
    Since the begining, destined to fall

    Flesh withering away
    From the ravages of time
    Obligatory departure from this world

    But there is a secret path
    Known only to a few
    To escape the expiration that awaits

    There exists a way
    For those with the will
    To pass beyond the Eldritch Gate

    Esoteric arcana
    Ritual of undeath
    Supreme spell of ultimate preservation

    Morbid mysticism
    I shall evoke
    The ancient sorceries

    I conjure forth the words of power
    The flesh of my phantom to them forever bound

    My spectral being branded with the hidden scripts
    The knowledge of the Elder Ones I have discerned

    I wield the keys
    To my own destiny
    Eternal oblivion shall not be my fate
    My spirit shall traverse
    Beyond this mortal universe
    And my soul shall pass beyond the Eldritch Gate

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