Celtic Cross Tarot Reading


Hello, I'm trying to find a website where I can build a Celtic Cross 10-card Tarot reading.

I want to build layouts so that I can create my own arrangements for story purposes, not use random cards or do a 'real' reading. Can anyone help me find a site?


I would think you could do this with a template and Microsoft paint or similar program. I could do google searches but you would not need me for that.
Do you want to create layouts using actual tarot cards, or are you making up your own cards with their own symbols? How are you going to use them in your story? Are you personally familiar with tarot?

The best way to get familiar with how a Celtic Cross layout works is to do a real one. Doesn't matter whether you believe in tarot or not; the point is to get the idea. There are several free tarot reading websites that include the Celtic Cross in the spreads they offer. And others, as well as print tarot books, that explain how to do it, with pictures. If you have an actual tarot deck, you can make the layout for practice. Once you've done that enough to have a sense of how the layout works, you can change it to a fictional set of cards for the purpose of your story, if that's what you're looking to do.


Do you really need a site or would you like some more "real" input?
I've been reading tarot with the Celtic Cross method for many years and maybe I could help a little.