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blog Choosing the Right Idea

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by Chessie2, May 4, 2019.

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    Choosing the Right Idea
    by Rose Andrews


    It happens to all of us.

    A brilliant story idea takes root in your heart, soul, and mind. We spend day and night thinking about it, making up characters and dreaming up the setting. We imagine the magic system, the monsters, the battles. We frivolously scribble down the plot and create backstories for our characters. Then, depending on our creation process, we sit down, ready to write.

    We write. And write, and write.

    We make it a good distance until another idea comes.

    We set the first story aside to work on the second one. The same cycle applies. We then find ourselves with a third idea, perhaps a fourth. All of them are good, all of them seem like they would be good fun to write. However, it’s tricky to write all of them at once.

    I mean, we could technically do that. But for those writers (like me) who can only focus on one story at a time, how do you select the right story that you can manage to push to the end? How do you set the others aside for the time being and not let the overwhelming urge to explore those get to you? How do you keep all of those ideas from driving you crazy while you draft just one?

    The too-many-ideas syndrome keeps many writers from getting ahead in their work and finishing a book. Below, I discuss some tactics that have worked for me in quieting the voices on the stories in my lineup that are not currently being written.

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