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City and region names

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Aldarion, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. Aldarion

    Aldarion Inkling

    CITIES (41/41)

    Latin name basis

    Ardea (po čapljama – Čapljina) (L)

    Kingstown – Rex Civitatis – Regitatis (L)

    Horsefield – Equum Agro

    Old Port – Portum Veteris

    Old Graveyard – Cimeterium Antiquis

    New Graveyard – Cimeterium Novum

    Bloody Field - Contundetarum

    Field of Bones – Agerossa

    Greenfield – Viride Agri

    Green Ford – Viridi Vadum

    Blue Ford – Caeruleum Vadum – Caeruledum

    House of Ghosts – Domum Manes – Manedomum

    House of the Damned – Domus de Damnatorum – Domatorum

    Safe Harbour – Portum Tutum – Tutuportum - Tutuporta

    Dug In City – Foderunt Urbiumque – Foderumque

    Mountain City – Mons Civitatem

    City of Joy – Civitas Gaudium – Gaudia

    Palace City – Urbem Regiam

    Red Field – Ruber Agri

    Three Teeth – Tridentem (surrounded by three hills)

    Strength – Robur Urbs – Roburbs

    Swamp City – Palus Urbem

    Ford City – Vadum Civitatem

    White City – Albus Civitatis

    White Fortress – Alba Munitionem

    Celtic name basis

    Mouth of River Slaughter – Mouth of Alanastra – Ceg Alanastra – Ceganastra

    Sweet City – Dinas Felys – Dinalys

    Dairy – Ilaeth

    Fair Winds – Gwyntoedd Teg

    Wide River – Afon Eang

    Black Pool – Pwll Du

    White Fort – Caer Wen

    Holy Headland – Pentir Sanctaidd

    Passage – Darn

    Low Field – Cae Isel

    Stone City – Dinas Garreg

    Wheel Market – Marchnad Olwynion

    Battlefield – Maes Y Gad

    Greek name basis

    Difficult Ridge – Diskoly Koryfogrammi

    Green Lake – Prasini Limni

    White City – Lefki Poli

    TOWNS (92/92)

    Latin name basis

    Kaštel Lukšić – Arce Lucius

    Kaštel Novi – Arce Novum

    Kaštel Stari – Arce Vetum

    Kaštel Štafilić – Arce Stafila

    Kaštel Kambelovac – Arce Cambium

    Kaštel Gomilica – Arce Abadessa

    Kaštel Sućurac – Dilat – Arce Dillatum

    Ostrog ("straža") – Castris Praesidio

    Small Castle - Castellulum

    Mud Field – Luto Agri

    Terror Town – Timore Oppidum – Timodium

    Crazy House – Resonent

    Holy Saviour – Sancti Salvatoris

    Assumption – Assumptione

    Market Town – Forum Oppidium – Foridium

    Apple Farm – Malum Villam

    Milk Town – Lac Oppidum – Lacidum

    Sandy Inlet – Secessu Longo Harenosum – Secongohar

    High Hill – Collem Excelsum – Collelsum

    Cow Bridge – Vitula Eligans Pontem

    New Borough – Novi Burgi – Novurgi

    Red Bank – Rubrum Coma – Ruboma

    House of Priests – Sacerdotibus Domus Domini – Sacerdotimus

    Deep Pool – Profunda Stagnum

    Watch Place – Vigilate Locum – Vigilacum

    Ox Pasture – Pascuum Bovii – Pascubovi

    Laurel Grove – Daphnona

    Curved Bridge – Curvam Pontem

    Garden Town – Villa Hortus

    Hollow Stream – Amnis Cavas

    Black Tower – Turrim Nigrum

    Mountain Pass – Saltum (located within mountain pass)

    Enclosing – Closium (located within mountain pass)

    Sour Town – Oppidum Uvam – Oppiduvam (sour mineral waters)

    Fortress Town – Praesidium Civitatis

    Barren River – Flumen Sterili

    Big Village – Villa Magna

    Mad Forrest – Forrest ad Insaniam

    Little Valley – Paulo Vallis – Paullis

    Raven Town – Corvum Oppidum

    Ghost Town / Town of Ghosts – Oppidum Exspiravit

    Ghoul Town – Oppidum Pallidi

    Revenant Town – Oppidum Nuntius

    Celtic (Welsh) name basis

    Sheep Field – Maes Defaid – Maefaid

    Damned Town – Tref Argae

    Small Castle – Castell Bach

    Market Town – Tref Frachnad - Trefrachnad

    Cheese Farm – Fferm Caws – Fermcaw

    Apple Town – Tref Afalau

    Black Forrest – Coedwig Ddu – Coedu

    End of the Bridge – Pen Y Bont – Penybont

    Cow Pasture – Porfa Buwch

    Stone Bridge – Pont Garreg

    Fish Yard – Iard Bysgod – Iardysgod

    Goat Ford – Rhyd Geifir – Rhyfir

    High Enclosure – Clostir Uchel

    Enclosed Forrest – Coedwig Gaeedig – Coeedig

    Town of the Kingths – Tref Y Marchogion – Trefym

    Burial Ground – Claddfa

    New Castle – Castell Newydd

    New Town – Tref Newydd

    Burial Mound – Twmpath Claddu – Pathaddu

    Land of Prince – Tir Y Tywysog

    Boggy Area – Ardal Gorsiog

    Mountain Town – Tref Fynyd

    New Settlement – Anheddiad Newydd

    Big Village – Pentref Mawr

    Grassy Place – Lle Glassweltog – Lassweltog

    Vineyard – Winllan

    Plain of Alder Trees – Plaen O Goed Gwern – Plagoern

    Dirty Stream – Nant Fudr

    Willow Swamp – Cors Helyg

    Alder Swamp – Cors Gwern

    White Cliff – Clogwyn Gwyn – Clogwyn

    Deep Valley – Dyffryn Dwfn – Dyffn

    Great Stone – Carreg Fawr - Carreg

    Apple Garden – Garrd Affalau

    Fish Garden – Gardd Bysgod

    Hollow Way – Ffordd Wagg

    Place of Dancing Dead – Man Y Meirw Wedi Marw

    Death's Town – Tref Marwolaeth

    Banshee Tavern – Tafarn Gwraig

    Greek Name Basis

    Small Castle – Mikro Kastro

    Fort on the Hill – Kastro Sto Lofo – Kastro Lofo

    Angel Castle – Kastro Angelou

    Borderland Castle – Paramethorio Kastro

    New Spring – Nea Anoixi

    Market Town – Polis Tis Agoras

    Black Fortress – Mavro Frourio

    White Tower – Lefko Pyrgo

    Mountain of God – Vouno Tou Theou

    Fortress Town – Poli Frourio – Poliourio



    Fig. 1. The regional division of Roman Italy made by the emperor...



    NOTE: 18 provinces in total (18 legions)

    Borderland – Synora (note: eastern part of south Ardea)

    Calabria (note: southern Ardea – Roman province)

    Rutilia (note: southern Ardea – region of Latium)

    Hernicia (note: southern Ardea – region of Latium)

    Auruncia (note: southern Ardea – region of Latium)

    Aemilia (note: southern Ardea – region of Italia)

    Swamp Field – Agri Palus – Agralus (note: southern to central Ardea)

    Horsefield – Equum Agro – Euqagria (note: central Ardea)

    Santonia (note: central Ardea – celtic tribe)

    Arvernia (note: central Ardea – celtic tribe)

    Cadurcia (note: central Ardea – celtic tribe)

    Lexovia (note: central Ardea – celtic tribe)

    Salluvia (note: central Ardea – celtic tribe)

    Silureia (note: northern Ardea – celtic tribe)

    Caletia (note: northern Ardea – celtic tribe)

    Ambiania (note: northern Ardea – celtic tribe)

    Icenia (note: northern Ardea – celtic tribe)

    Atrebatia (note: northern Ardea – celtic tribe)

    5 northern Ardea, 6 central Ardea, 7 southern Ardea – 18 total
  2. Aldarion

    Aldarion Inkling

    Are these names at least somewhat realistic?
  3. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    They are if you want them to be.
    Are they consistent with the logic of the world you are building?
    I don't know that internal logic as well as you do.
    For the way I build and name, they sound a bit forced and too consistent. But there again I live in a part of the world where I can have place names rooted in Latin, Celtic, Saxon, Viking, Norman, Middle English and a mix of them all within 10 miles. So chaotic and mixed feels more normal.
  4. Aldarion

    Aldarion Inkling

    CupofJoeCupofJoe Yeah, I don't think there is so much diversity in place names in my world. I was asking more about how names are created - for example, city of Split in Croatia basically got a name from Aquae Sulis Palatium - A.S.Palatium - Aspalatium - Spalatium - Split. I tried to emulate that process to an extent, albeit within a language for the most part... however, I do feel that I may need to adapt Celtic-basis names to Latin.

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