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Co-Opt Serializations | Creative Crafting

Discussion in 'Notice Board' started by Sk8, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Sk8

    Sk8 Acolyte

    Vividus Connect is now attempting something similar to the realms of an RPG, but for writers, and a completely from the ground up production. The focus will be split between writers, organizers, developers, world builders, plot and theme crafters, character drafters, and both peer and grammatical editors: the experience will be built around chapter serialization, but expanded to the whole process of writing allowing individuals weak in specific areas to hone their skills through observation and hands on application.

    This is the first trial run of the project, so we'll see where this gets us, but the forum is reinvesting itself into more directive pilot runs for writers to practice their craft within a given time frame and experience with others.

    Each serialization is a ground-up project with ten people plus the head organizer and the run through, even if not run to completion on time, will be valuable experiences for members.

    Interested? You can check the thread-specific out by following Co-Opt Writing Mission.
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