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    I am building the concept of an anthropomorphic costume hero universe that I thought would make a great series of novels. Someone else advised me that they would be more likely to sell as a graphic novel. I've already posted an excerpt from my work on my page. Now, I'm going to write and post a brief comic book script for my story on this website in the near future (2-4 pages, no more).

    Just one problem though; I've not actually tried writing a comic book script before! :confused: I know how they should look, but there's a good chance mine may be unclear to a potential artist or lack finesse.

    Can anyone offer any good advice on writing a comic book script, or direct me to any good information resources on writing one? :) This may be books, magazines or websites, but bear in mind I live in the UK and might not have access to certain printed material.
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    Somebody asked the same thing in this thread.

    Below was my answer with a link to a resource.

    Also if you google comic book scripts there are professional scripts from published comics available for you to look at.
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