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Contests and Spotlights

Discussion in 'Mythic Archipelago' started by Telcontar, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Telcontar

    Telcontar Staff Moderator

    Because Deep Down, We're All Raging Ego-Fiends

    We writers want people to read our work. Moreover, we want people to love our work, and shower us with money. However, if we can't get the second two, we'll settle for that first part.

    Quality contributions to the Archipelago mythos will not go unnoticed. Story Spotlights will feature excellent prose by our members, and there may even be specialized Story Spotlights for different lengths and story types (it all depends on how productive we are). World Building Spotlights will focus on non-story contributions such as island history or especially interesting cultures, locations, and creatures.

    Various Contests will be held to help encourage our writing as well as giving us idea. Contests will include writing from a prompt, writing on a specific topic, idea, or location, or writing stories with certain quirks. In addition, Canon Contests will be held now and again to further flesh out the time line of the Archipelago. Winning stories will be added to the official Archipelago History. These include events that are large and small, but the World Event Contests will advance the History with Archipelago-spanning developments that affect every island.

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