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Creating Original Races

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Azaraiha, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. Azaraiha

    Azaraiha Dreamer

    In the story I'm currently working on, one of the races in my world is the Kexin. The Kexin are a race of wraith like beings, more spirit than Humanoid. They have no determined form, usually are seen as a heavily cloaked person with made of shadow. The Kexin are the oldest race, being the first mortals that the Creator made. Most races fear them, but if one earns their trust, they would find the Kexin masters of knowledge and wisdom.

    What original races are in your world?
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  2. S J Lee

    S J Lee Sage

    None. I only have humans. No orcs, no elves, no dragons, no vampires. The gods are dead and gone... or are they? Again, I love Tolkien but I don't want to copy him.

    This way, I need no description of pointy ears. I waste no ink on different clothing and different bone density. I take a chance that my merely human characters are all distinct from each other, and still interesting enough to carry the story.

    HAving only what you need is usually a good idea. IT reduces exposition, reduces redundant words. I'm much more interested in WHY you need the Kexin. In what way do they let you tell a story you otherwise couldn't tell?
  3. Saigonnus

    Saigonnus Auror

    Most of my stories are human-centric. That in mind, the issue I have always seen is that true originality is uncommon. Most of the races that people invent are similiar enough to something that already exists in folklore (most of Tolkien's "races" came from scottish/english/germanic folklore) or in other forms of fantasy (books or D&D or anime) to negate the concept that they are truly original. I do also think that there is value in attempting originality since it tends to push the envelope of what's already been done and gives readers interesting creatures to read about. What I would ask, How are they any different from wraiths? from the Nazgul? or wights? Or similiar creatures?
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  4. Devor

    Devor Fiery Keeper of the Hat Moderator

    I'm using a ton of races in Smughitter, most of them based on Celtic folklore, none of them completely original. Also I'm using the Tolkein races, in part because there's an element of parody in the story, and in part because I want the "fairy world" I'm creating to feel like something that can be dropped into any RPG setting.

    To pick just one to talk about, I'll go with the Puca. The puca are one of five or six races that actually come from the fairy otherworld. The puca are little furry people about four feet tall, and they can shapechange into any animal. But if they shapechange into an animal even once, they have to keep traits of that animal, both physical and psychological, even when they're not transformed. So if they transform into a rabbit they might never lose the bunny ears, and remain a little hyper, forever. In the fairy otherworld there's a seasonal "mist" that would normally reset their transformations. They can experiment throughout the year, and if they don't like it, they can try something different next year, until they decide who they want to be. But they've lost access to the otherworld, and they can't reset, so that the more transformations they try the more they steadily lose themselves in a dizzying haze of unwanted animal quirks and impulses.

    The plot is about restoring the gateway to the otherworld, and the plight of the Puca help to reinforce how important that is.
  5. One of my worlds has a single made up alien race, one has stock D&D races, one(that mat also be the second one, just a different region (?)) has anthropomorphic animals,humans, and faerie creatures such as gnomes.
  6. Kazu_Arrowsoki

    Kazu_Arrowsoki Acolyte

    I am currently in the process of creating a few different races as the main character in the story I am currently writing is capable of time and dimension Travel and coming in contact with many different races in his travels. Names of said races; Astral Demons, Galatians, Slavions, Catherons,

    1. The Astral Demons - a very sadistic and powerful race that even the gods of this world keep their distance from. Even from birth these demons are a unique race as they are not born from each other as most races are. As they are born from a singular of a black hole like an egg, but at birth they have no true form and drift the cosmos as a black liquid or gaseous mass with glowing particles covering its surface, almost like a miniature galley. (Not going to release all materials on this race.)

    2. Galatians - A war-like race from another dimension that was thought to have been animated from time that are very similar to a Gargoyle with stone like skin, but possess three different forms that allow them to fight from the skis as well as a one man army. (Not going to release all materials on this race.)

    3. Slavions - Are a race that have been enslaved due to their demonic mental abilities and exquisite martial arts that make them the most reliable personal guard or assassin. (Not going to release all materials on this race.)

    4. Catherons - An anthropomorphic race that possess eminence strength and animistic abilities that would make them the most powerful army with the exception of them being a passionate race that generally wants to help others in need. (Not going to release all materials on this race.)
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  7. StrawhatOverlord

    StrawhatOverlord Scribe

    I make them different than the usual but the races of my world are the standard fantasy ones. I want to write fantasy because I like fantasy things, so ofc I'll put them in my setting, you know ?

    I do have half-dwarves though, which if not fully original is at least super rare as far as I can tell.
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  8. D. Gray Warrior

    D. Gray Warrior Troubadour

    One of the main alien races I have are the Kruut, who bear a strong resemblance to toads, only more humanoid in shape. Oh, and their skin comes in unusual colors such as blue and purple.
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