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Creative Test

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by The Realm Wanderer, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. The Realm Wanderer

    The Realm Wanderer Troubadour

    So, I thought it might be fun to see just how creative this community of writers really is. As such, I figured I'd create this thread and invite you all to write a quote or few that you, yourselves have thought up.
    You may know that Starconstant created a "favourite quotes" thread a while back but that was limtied to your favourites of other people, not your own.
    Therefore, everyone get your fingers on the keyboard and show your wit, your humour, maybe just your outlook on life. Just write something interesting enough that it could be repeated if you ever made it big and got published :D
    I look forward to reading them all. ANDDDD...GO!
  2. Derin

    Derin Troubadour

    I have a bad feeling about this thread.

    "Some people are born great, some achieve greatness, and some spend their whole lives waiting for greatness to be thrust upon them."

    And from one of my stories: "I hate adventure. Too often, 'adventure' means 'no running hot water'."
  3. The Realm Wanderer

    The Realm Wanderer Troubadour

    Haha, why the bad feeling then eh??
    I like your first one. Made me smile.
    Here's my addition:
    "Life is like writing; tearing up draft after draft in the pursuit of perfection.
    One can only hope when it’s finished, what you wrote is deemed worth reading."
    Now c'mon people. Don't be shy, get submitting your quotes!
  4. balthore

    balthore Scribe

    Love the idea for this.

    My squishiest line ever used...

    "I am but a mortal man. What do I know of the heart of an angel?" (One man looking at his new wife while talking to his best friend.)

    One of my fav exchanges...

    "What do you mean no weapons? How are we supposed to defend ourselves?"

    "You could always scowl them to death!"
  5. Death is not the end. It cannot hope to be. No mere cessation of existence can extinguish the wonders which prowl men's dreams.
  6. Digital_Fey

    Digital_Fey Troubadour

    "There are no villains in this story, only fools and madmen." (It seemed profound at the time...)
  7. The Realm Wanderer

    The Realm Wanderer Troubadour

    Liking them so far, keep 'em coming. Yours in particular Fey :)
  8. Chilari

    Chilari Staff Moderator

    A little exchange I was thinking of having at the end of the novel I'm currently working on, though it might not end up happening becuase I'm thinking of changing the story. It's not exactly witty, but ti does say something about the characters' relationship and Seris's outlook on life.

    "What about you?" Karn asked. "Where will you go?"
    "I don't know," Seris admitted.
    "You could come with me," Karn suggested.
    Seris looked at him. He looked tired, or ill. His face had a grey tinge to it and there were dark rings under his eyes. Seris shook her head.
    "You've got nowhere else to go," Karn pointed out.
    Seris tilted her head and smiled. "There's a whole wide world out there," she said. "I've got plenty of places to go."
  9. Fodwocket

    Fodwocket Minstrel

    Nice quotes everyone ^_^

    Off the top of my head I found it hard to come up with things that make any sense out of context, but could be just cause my mind is a bit blank right now. However after asking a few people they all suggested the same thing (and it was also what popped into my mind). It's not a profound quote at all, just something silly that it might amuse people to reference, and it seems to have stuck in people's minds.

    'I'd like to inquire about the lack of peanuts in my bowl.'

    That is all. No context for you.

    Another quote from the same character:

    'Wouldn't you rather an honest bastard than a romantic liar?'
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  10. The Realm Wanderer

    The Realm Wanderer Troubadour

    Keep them coming people. I find it horrifying that only 6 have shared their brilliance on this thread lol
    C'mon, we're writers after all. So get writing! ;)

    Here's another addition by me:
    Life is a gift, not a burden.
    Some get their gifts taken from them.
    A few too many squander them.
    There are even those who reject them when angry or sad.
    But most…most have not yet come to realise how great a gift they’ve been given.
    For they concern themselves too much with the package it came it.
    Forget the wrapping; that can be torn off and discarded.
    If all you have to offer the world is a smile and a good heart, the gift was not wasted on you.
    Life is far too rare a thing to be seen as a chain, restraining you against your will.
    It is a gift, and thus should be treated as such.
  11. Donny Bruso

    Donny Bruso Sage

    Probably my favorite line of dialogue I've written:

    “Could you just shoot me now?” Kate asked, sarcasm dripping from her words. “You said you would make it quick, and drowning in your self-righteousness is taking too long.”
  12. The Realm Wanderer

    The Realm Wanderer Troubadour

    I like that Donny, a lot actually :) Keep 'em coming.
    Here's the third and final one from me.
    I was literally just writing some plot outlines for a new story idea and thought of a line one of my main antagonists would use.
    For an artist to paint a masterpiece, they first need a clean canvas.
    I suppose that in itself could be used as a random quote and let the reader of it decide what they wish it to mean, but I intend for it to be part of a conversation between the villain and hero where the villain is explaining why he is destroying worlds. (He believes in a prophecy that states the gods will create new worlds and start afresh when the galaxy is rid of all old planets).
  13. Dante Sawyer

    Dante Sawyer Troubadour

    Here are some of my favorites...
    "But one’s destiny, and in turn purpose, is never chosen. It is given. It is written. But the fate of the one sent upon it (or condemned to it) is left to the one, for it is the choices of one that sculpt the world, and send ripples through time."

    "You met my father, but there comes a point where others who bear your same burden become no more help than your own thoughts. It’s like an AA meeting were everyone’s drinking."

    "She felt him put his arm around her, and she shivered in the touch of his embrace.
    That was enough for her in that moment.
    Perhaps for all moments."

    Oh and thanks for making this thread Realm Wanderer. Great idea!
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  14. Dr.Dorkness

    Dr.Dorkness Minstrel

    From a character named Sid, who is a mage that studies worldly things from the most uncommon and cruel things, to the most common and borring:

    "A writer writes what a writer writes, but is what the writer writes what the writer has writen? Like the scribe scribbles what the scribe scribbled?"
  15. Ravana

    Ravana Istar

    Oh, my. I actually keep a separate file for when I come up with lines I like. (Well, actually, I keep eight, based on category and length. I'll stick to the one that's all quick-hitters.) Let's see.…

    "Thinking beings are the only thing standing between the universe and predestination."
    "When in doubt–good."
    "Slippery slopes slide both ways."
    "What you believe in ultimately does not matter half as much as what believes in you."
    "Discrimination does not have gears. 'Reverse' discrimination is still discrimination."
    "Friendship should rest on firmer grounds than shared antipathy. The enemy of my enemy may be convenient.…"
    "God does not bet on sporting events."
    "You’re not too drunk if there’s still some in the bottle. You are too drunk if you can’t tell whether there is or not."
    "Deconstruction was a practical joke that no one got."
    "While I was nonplussed, at least I wasn’t minused."
    "The bitch get bitcher while the whore get whorer."
    "History doesn’t like to repeat itself. So it speaks louder each time it’s forced to."
    "Body gone to hell, mind going, soul to follow."
    "Insanity comes from asking 'Why?' too often and getting too many unsatisfactory answers."
    "It doesn’t bother me so much that my mind is going; I just wish it’d leave a forwarding address."
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  16. mudart

    mudart Acolyte

    If you knew your destiny, you'd become a used car salesman.
  17. Donny Bruso

    Donny Bruso Sage

    "Forest Town? How long did it take them to come up with that. What did they name the city gates? In and Out?"
  18. The Realm Wanderer

    The Realm Wanderer Troubadour

    All are great so far. Keep coming back and tossing more up when you think of one :)
    Ravana, I particularly like this one of yours:
    "History doesn’t like to repeat itself. So it speaks louder each time it’s forced to."
    I could easily see one of my own characters saying something like that.
  19. Ravana

    Ravana Istar

    Thank you. That's one of my favorites, too. Along with the final two on the list. Most, of course, are the sort of things one might use in conversation, rather than in a story… still, stories have conversations, too, so they might creep into something I write some day. ;)
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  20. My favorite character to listen to is Map, a talking dragon my published novel. Map is a sarcastic ass. I'll go find some good quotes of his when I get home (he has many long diatribes that demonstrate a lot about his character). But, my favorite is this. He doesn't quite get along with a minotaur in the book named Sateb. The two are contantly bickering and their personalities are polar opposties. Map is always insulting Sateb. At one point, he leans over to the stark white minotaur and says,


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