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Cultural and Linguistic Anthropologist here!

Discussion in 'Research' started by JD Sheridan, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. JD Sheridan

    JD Sheridan Dreamer

    Ever have any questions just hit me up. Ever consider how certain cultural norms or basic technologies in your world spread? Were they shared through diffusion or perhaps innovation? Why exactly did the German Christmas pickle become a popular tradition in the US? Was it even a German tradition?

    Do your people believe random accidents occur because, you know, accidents happen? Or are they like the Azande of South Sudan and northern DRC and believe that all sources of misfortune stem from witchcraft?

    I love to research and will help with anything you might need. Let me nerd out while helping you!
  2. AMObst

    AMObst Dreamer

    Thanks for the offer! My head is usually full of those sort of questions, but in typical style, as soon as someone is around to help, I go completely blank!
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