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d20 Combat

Discussion in 'Flat Earth' started by Legendary Sidekick, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Legendary Sidekick

    Legendary Sidekick The HAM'ster Moderator

    Roll the d20 to see if you hit.

    Any human can attempt to hit multiple targets or add an effect to a fighting attack.
    HUNTRESS - Can add an effect to a shooting attack or attempt to set a trap.
    PIXIE/MENTALIST - Can cast a spell that affects the target(s).



    Roll the d20 to fight. Any human can fight, though non-magic characters tend to be more skillful.

    You can just-plain-attack, or you can Combo (strike 2 enemies) or sacrifice damage to add an Effect to your attack, such as a stun.

    Attack Damage
    ≤9 = Weak
    10-15 = Normal / Weak Combo / Non-Damaging Effect (such as Stun)
    16-19 = Strong / Combo / Damaging Effect / Non-Damaging Lasting Effect (such as KO)

    Roll the d20 to shoot. Any human can shoot, but only a Huntress can use Combos and Effects with a shooting attack.

    Roll the d20 to cast.

    • If you roll a 10-20, you cast a spell. Your spell may inflict damage or create an effect such as stunning an enemy, rooting him to the ground, blowing him across the map, etc.
    • If you roll 1-9, you either fail to cast or you can charge your magic. To cast a charged spell successfully, you need to roll higher than the number rolled to initiate the charge. If you fail or are hit while charging, the spell might zap you or cause an explosion, blasting the area around you.
    When a spell is charged:
    • Damage is increased or the effect is enhanced.
    • A normal Level 2 spell will strike an area.
    • A strong Level 3 spell will strike all enemies on the map.

    Rolling a 20
    You get to make up a Special Move. The Special Move should be overpowered, and better than if you rolled a 19.

    Rolling in the Teens (13-19)
    Non-magic characters get a bonus for rolling a 13+. The higher into the teens you roll, the more impressive the bonus.
    • Amazon: RP an impressive battle cry for greater damage!
    • Brawler = Describe an awesome unarmed attack to stun your opponent!
    • Fighting Nun = Position yourself in a path to combo 3 enemies… though you may strike a 4th or even more!
    • Huntress = Pick a place on the map to set a trap!
    • Pirate = Be a "swashbuckling swordsman," and disarm your foe with rapier-wit or the blade itself!
    • Preacher = Call on your god or goddess to grant strength or healing to your friends. Ask, and you shall receive!
    • Shield Maiden = Counterattack, stunning anyone or everyone who struck you, your shield, or the one you protect!
    • Samurai = Draw your sword and unleash an Advancing Seitei Attack!
    Stationary Seitei Attacks:
    1+ = Mae (vs. an enemy in front of you - 2 weak hits)
    10+ = Ushiro (vs. an enemy who approaches from behind - 2 hits)
    11+ = Ukenagashi (deflect an attack + strike the enemy who attacked you)
    12+ = Tsuka-ate (vs. 2 enemies - one ahead, one behind)

    Advancing Seitei Attacks:
    13+ = Kesa-giri (vs. 1 enemy - 2 strong hits)
    14+ = Morote-zuki (vs. 2 enemies, or vs. 3 if the first two fall)
    15+ = Sampo-giri (vs. 3 enemies)
    16+ = Ganmen-ate (vs. 2 enemies w/ stun)
    17+ = Soete-zuki (vs. hidden enemy - instant death or near-death… if there is a hidden enemy)
    18+ = Shiho-giri (vs. 4 enemies)
    19+ = So-giri (vs. 1 enemy - 5 hits)

    Ultimate Seitei Attack:
    20 = Nuki-uchi (vs. 1 enemy - instant death or near-death + sheathe katana)

    Note: If the katana is drawn when a 20 is rolled, Nuki-uchi cannot be performed. However, any attack with a roll of 20 can end with the katana being sheathed, allowing the samurai to use a Seitei attack on the following turn.
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  2. Legendary Sidekick

    Legendary Sidekick The HAM'ster Moderator


    Each class has advantages when it comes to feats or stats that matter in battle.

    Amazon: strength + health
    Brawler: strength + health
    Fighting Nun: agility + defense
    Huntress: stealth + aim
    Mentalist: strength (telekinesis) + stealth (mind trick)
    Pirate: agility + defense
    Preacher: agility + aim
    Samurai: stealth + aim
    Shield Maiden: health + defense

    Pixie: extreme advantages in agility, defense and stealth, but low health and unable to fight human-sized creatures or perform feats of strength on a human scale (a pixie rolling a 20 in strength is like an average human rolling a 2)

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