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Delwyn of the Realms - available 2/9/15

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by Delwyn, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Delwyn

    Delwyn Dreamer

    A Portal Fantasy Novel - By Kelly Proudfoot (Avaliable on Amazon - 2/9/15)

    “For Delwyn, the only way out is through, and beyond! What if her astral travels and sleep disorders are real, and what she’s been told - about being off with the fairies - was a fantasy itself? After a psychotic break and a marriage breakdown, she escapes to her Aunt’s farm in the country - to recuperate.

    She agrees to therapy and medication, and goes through the motions to rejoin society, yet she’s always been a dreamer - and finding a mirror which is a portal to the world of dreams is just the perfect ticket to sanity, isn’t it?

    The Dreamland, called "Onesol" by her guide - Varun, (who happens to be half man, half seahorse), is just one of the realms that Delwyn can enter in physical form. It is in this realm where she must face her darkest Shadow in order to become whole - however Delwyn prefers to play rather than do the work required of her.

    Will she ever learn that her true destiny awaits - if only she starts taking herself seriously? And what of the realms she sees while she's astral travelling or the beings she encounters in hypnagogia? How can she keep all the inner realms a secret when the outer realm starts closing in?

    As all Delwyn’s afflictions and wonderful adventures in Onesol plummet her further into the belief that she’s a “Portal Stormer” - and that she can continue existing with “One foot in each world, riding them simultaneously; expecting not to fall!” - her Aunt, friends and doctor scramble to save her from herself. The question is: which realm is the fantasy?”

    "Delwyn of the Realms" is a fantasy story that has adventure, a little romance, humor and a few dashes of horror!

    Currently writing the sequel - Book 2 in the Storming Archives![​IMG]

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