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Dimensional Travel and Fantasy Realms

Discussion in 'World Building' started by TheCrystallineEntity, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. In the latest book I've started on, the main characters are dimensional travelers who mainly travel to higher dimensions or advanced star-systems or fantasy realms. In particular, they travel to this one fantasy realm called the Wayside to find their author. [Yes, really. It's that kind of book.]

    My previous book took place on a fantasy planet, but didn't have anything really to do with cosmic travel or other dimensions.

    I guess what I'm mainly looking for is ways to make my new book just as unique as my other one.
    So far, I have several dimensions 'mapped'.

    The Alpha-Omega Dimension [where spiritual/higher beings come from]
    The Penta-Zeta Dimension [where enlightened/magical beings live]
    The Duality-Illusion Dimension [where Earth is, sort of]
  2. jm.milks

    jm.milks Scribe

    In a series I'm currently mapping out in extent, a race of intelligent organisms was able to develop technologically enough to manifest their intelligences outside of their own stimulated universe into the one the series takes place in.

    Don't know if that helps inspire you in any way, but it's what came to mind when reading this
  3. I've 'discovered' another dimension: The Incarnichant Dimension.
  4. K.S. Crooks

    K.S. Crooks Inkling

    How about a dimension with different elements- meaning not fire, water, earth, air. Perhaps instead they have different qualities or these things behave differently- Fire could be cold, earth could be transparent, etc.
    A dimension where people/beings have no physical form
    A dimension where time travels in reverse- you would leave before you arrive
  5. Gryphos

    Gryphos Auror

    I have this special dimension which I've called Hell, which connects via portals to all sorts of different worlds. I haven't really gone into depth about what Hell is like. All I know is it's a plane of infinite possibilities and energy, with this energy leaking into the worlds it has a portal to. The inhabitants of these lesser worlds invariably end up finding ways to use this energy to work their magic. Additionally, entities inhabit Hell (which you might call 'demons'), but they have no physical form there. When they enter a lesser world, they must take physical form and be 'born' into that world. I also have a thing whereby humans who enter Hell is instantly stripped of their human soul, but the sudden surge of Hell energy that washes over them does have the benefit of making them immortal (in the elf sense).

    I guess the thing about alternate dimension shizzle is that it provides a great opportunity to get quite Lovecraftian. It may be interesting to go along the route of having at least one dimension be utterly incomprehensible to inhabitants of others. I have it so Hell is a constantly shifting place where the 'mind holds more sway over reality', and it's a place which, in the end, is unknowable.
  6. ^^I've sort of done that already in my previous book; it's a timeless planet, and most beings there have spiritual forms instead of physical.
  7. Oomatu

    Oomatu Closed Account

    This seems somewhat familiar to my novel Islandfall, which has dimensional "layers" of reality. The lower*layers are chaotic and material, while the upper are spiritual and stable. The only way to navigate between them is through giant portal devices, "beam in the sky" sort of thing. Each*layer has its own form of native sentient life... humans are not any of these.
  8. Miseo

    Miseo Minstrel

    If possible, try to keep in mind what a dimension is. It's not a parallel universe (that would just be a parallel universe). A dimension is a measurement. The dimension we live in is defined by three dimensions, which is space. Particularly it is space throughout time. What could be another dimension? Space without time, maybe. Or time without space. This last one would be really difficult to do because all beings in it would be consciousness, not physical.

    In my story there are alternate universes (like the one we live in), different realms (spirits are also realms in my story, i.e., Heylel is a being and a world), and different dimensions. In particular, the Shattered Space. It was created when Aidenn's heart was ripped out to create the moon. In terms of being a spirit, Aidenn now has a hole in his chest. In terms of being a world, Aidenn now has a different dimension inside it, defined by lack and nonexistence. So this Shattered Space is defined by diverging space and diverging time. Two people walking the same path may end up different places, or two people that enter and leave the Shattered Space at the same time may spend different lengths there; one person may stay there for a month and another for a decade.

    But a dimension usually has to do with measurements, as I see it. So look at your dimensions. Do they have different dimensions than space through time? If not, it's not a different dimension.
  9. Michael K. Eidson

    Michael K. Eidson Archmage

    The existence of a parallel universe would require the existence of another dimension. Hence, the tendency for some people to refer to parallel universes as other dimensions. If you had some extra dimensions, with only one additional universe lying along each extra dimensional axis, then you could refer to each parallel universe as another dimension without being misunderstood.

    Moreover, people irl don't always use terminology appropriately. In a story, someone could refer to a parallel universe as another dimension, and readers probably would get what was meant.
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  10. Miseo

    Miseo Minstrel

    Well I suppose a parallel universe could be interpreted as another dimension in that sense. But in terms of how many dimensions they have, it would be identical. Two watermelons are still both watermelons even if they're different watermelons. If two things look the same, feel the same, and taste the same, I'm just going to call them the same thing. That's my personal preference, at least.

    But yeah, people generally use the term other dimension interchangeably with parallel universe and stuff like that.

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