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Discussion of Say Tasmani

Discussion in 'Archipelago Archive' started by InsanityStrickenWriter, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Is a bit of the paperwork missing from the towers of the Wise House? Does something need amending? Burning with fire? Want to put forward a few laws? Do a Q&A with a councillor? (I'll try it with a competent one, but no promises). Well then, here's the place! I think. Or it might have been down the road and left, or right. It's probably here though.

    Note- Say Tasmani does not tolerate believers of the Great Lie, or rather, sane and rational thought. Unless said sane and rational thought is taken to such an extreme that it is not sane and rational thought, in which case, welcome.
  2. Ravana

    Ravana Istar

    re: Say Taru

    I can't wait for you to write up the legal code concerning how they are replaced when they die in office.… ;)
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  3. Telcontar

    Telcontar Staff Moderator

    I love the description of Say Taru. This is just begging for a body of stories dedicated mostly to bureaucratic tomfoolery.

    One question though - you say that one of the nations 'still has its ruling family' but I don't you mention anything about previous ruling families in the other lands, nor the assassination that might have brought them down. Would love to see a quick sketch of that before I tried to write a story in this area of the world.
  4. Apologies then, because no one dies in office :) Whenever a council member is elected an extensive search of the country is begun to find the most identicle looking person possible. The person seemlessly takes over the role upon the councillors death, and no one ever notices a thing... apart from that time when a male councillor was replaced with a female one, who was found out when the deceased councillor's other half... I don't need to go into detail.
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  5. Thanks, I love bureaucratic tomfoolery :) Originally Say Taru was to be my only country, but I got a bit more land than I bargained for.

    Both kingdoms have ruling families, but it's just that Takshari has actually gone through quite a few, including the loss of their first one, while Talan still has it's original. Takshari is currently on the Telis family, who'd already lost a few members to assassination, (the Queen's brothers and her father). Though, it's debatable if those can all be blamed on Talan. I'll put some more work into the family archives soon... they're stored in Say Taru somewhere or other I believe.

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