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Do you blog?


I've been a fairly consistent blogger for about a year now. I'm not a niche blogger, so my numbers aren't that high. I'm fine with that. But when I look at all my connections, only a few are other fantasy writers. I've got a lot of romance connections thanks to a critique partner, but I want to expand more in my genre.

So I'm asking, do you blog (preferably consistently)? Do you want another visitor?

I'm looking for voice, entertainment, stuff of interest. I read a lot of informational blogs, so another blog about tips doesn't do much for me. Unless it's an uncommon topic or you have a lot of personality that cracks me up. And I'm a sarcastic ISTJ, so inspirational and encouragement posts also aren't my thing.

I promise to visit you at least once, and even leave a comment. :) Catch my interest, and I might come back.

My name is Loni, and I'm at Squirrel Talk by | Nutty Chitter from a Caffeinated Critter. I post on Wednesdays and Fridays. Wednesdays are writing/book related, Fridays are a glimpse at my amateur photography.

I hope to connect with you!


Hey, Loni!

A couple years ago I had a blogger site I posted to a lot. I did a lot of blog fests and read a lot of other people's blogs and got about 300 "followers" and then I totally burned out. I felt like I was putting a ton of energy into my blog and though it was supposed to help me with my writing it wasn't. I felt like I was trying to be someone I wasn't just to make people like my blog. (I'm also a pretty sarcastic person.) I also felt like the writer blogging community was full of a lot of people all posting the same thing and cross promoting each others works to each other in a vicious cycle that didn't seem like it was going anywhere. So I got sick of it and stop blogging.

But I have missed some aspects of blogging. I like having a spot for voicing my thoughts and I like interacting with people who might be interested in those thoughts. Also, as I get closer to publication, I do want to have a web presence. So a little while ago I created a new wordpress site for myself. I have been adding posts to it infrequently, when I have the time and inclination. I don't dispense advice, but I do post my personal thoughts about writing and fantasy stories or share my experience of lessons learned sometimes. And I like to talk a lot about the books I read and the shows I watch and what I learn about storytelling from them.

Anyway, I love to have visitors.


I have a blog that I post to once or twice a month. Usually about writing, but also about life in general and of course sci fi and fantasy. One day I'll have to become dedicated to it and put out more stuff - maybe even organise it. But not today. There's too much else to do like sitting on my backside watching the idiot box!

Greg's Books

Cheers, Greg.

Philip Overby

Article Team
Hi Loni,

I have two blogs that I update regularly (or sort of, maybe 3 or 4 times a month)

Philip Overby's Fantasy Free-for-All This is my personal space where I post anything and everything fantasy related. I mostly post things about fantasy fiction or fantasy writing with the occasional challenge or prompt thrown in. I'm trying to get away from writing advice blogs, so I'm always looking for new topics to discuss. I've written some posts I'm particularly proud of like Philip Overby's Fantasy Free-for-All: Fantasy Writing: SPOILERS--What Fantasy Writers Can Learn From Breaking Bad

I also have my Splatter-Elf blog, which is like if an insane 12 year old version of me decided to create a fantasy genre. It's slapstick, full of weird monsters, grimly serious at times, and has lots of splat. It's kind of inspired by what fantasy would be like if it combined Mortal Kombat, schlocky 80s movies, H.P. Lovecraft and Saturday morning cartoons. I post crappy pics of monsters as well. It's basically my place to unshackle my creativity and just let it go full tilt.

I'm looking for some blogs I can follow regularly so I'll check yours out!


I maintain two blogs one focused primarily on fiction, poetry, flash fiction etc. where I post excerpts from my current works, new work and other creative fiction work: Mansions of the Mind

and a second blog that is focused on my science and creative non-fiction work where I do the same sort of thing post excerpts, new work and stand-alone pieces: The Bleeding Edge


I have a couple of blogs. The first is my writing blog, which is mostly about the books I'm preparing to self-publish. It's not advice, exactly, just my experiences with some of the more arcane aspects, plus wip updates, cover reveals, that sort of thing. Plus, for added content, my book reviews.

The second is a joint blog with two others, focusing on reviews of all branches of speculative fiction.

The links are in my sig.

Julian S Bartz

The first is my writing blog, which is mostly about the books I'm preparing to self-publish. It's not advice, exactly, just my experiences with some of the more arcane aspects, plus wip updates, cover reveals, that sort of thing. Plus, for added content, my book reviews.

I have a similar website where I blog about random thoughts, sometimes writing related othertimes not. I tend to use it as a means to show anyone who may read my books and want to know more about me so additional content.

I do book reviews, discuss the things that have influenced me or just share cool things I have found on the web.

Blog | Blotting Away | Website of Fantasy Author Julian Saheed

I am always happy to arrange for a blog post swap or guest blogger if anyone is interested.