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Do you have trouble balancing your writing skill?

In yet another interesting video, the kids over at Extra Credits put forth something that resonated with me, and it might be time to share it with you. The concept of skill and the ability to push and make that skill better over time.

This episode is more on the video game design side, but the player aspect of it is where I see a lot of writers (budding and veteran) fall into. The FOOS concept is pretty prevalent in the world today, and I wanted to see what you all thought about it.

Extra Credits: Balancing for Skill

So, do you find yourself in a FOOS (First Order Optimal Strategies) situation? Maybe you go to the well one too many times on the flying magical puppy that gives rainbow kisses to save the story? Perhaps everyone is too gritty, and the world isn't nice... Do you have that one trick pony you'd love to trade in?
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