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Do you want a link to your website on my website?

Discussion in 'Marketing' started by Kim, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Kim

    Kim Scribe

    I think this is the right board to post this, but if not, please let me know or move it to the right place.

    I know the Dutch market is not nearly as big as the English or American market, but many Dutch fantasy-lovers also like to read English stories, so it is not a totally unatractive market. So if you'd like me to post a link to your website or blog on my own website, please let me know. You can reply here, send me a private message or send me an email. (mail @ kimtentusscher.com)

    I would apreciate it if you return the favour, but if you don't want to, thats fine. At this moment most links on my website are to Dutch websites, so I would like to ad some English sites to make my site more complete.

    I am looking for sites from authors, but also from illustrators and websites about fantasy and writing. I have already made a link to Mythic Scribes.

    I will change the link-page on my website soon by adding more links and make it easier to see which links are to English sites and which are to Dutch sites.

    You can check out my link-page here: Links
    If you want to link to my website, please use this address: Stories of Kim ten Tusscher
  2. Kim

    Kim Scribe

    I am not sure how to do this, so maybe somebody has ideas? What would be the best way to show which links are in Dutch and which in English? Two separate lists is not an option, I think.
    Shall I put little flags behind the links?

    Or shall I put an abbreviation behind the links? But what would that be? NL stands voor Nederlands, but does somebody who is not Dutch know this? And what is the right abbreviation for English?
  3. caters

    caters Sage

    I know that NL stands for Netherlands. The right abbreviation for English is EN.

    It doesn't matter to me whether you put flags or abbreviations next to the links.
  4. JP Harker

    JP Harker Scribe


    I don't really count as a proper author yet since my first book won't be out for another month but I'll happily put a link to your site on mine if you're happy to return the favour?


  5. Malik

    Malik Auror

    I will build a weblinks section when I do my pre-launch redesign of my site. I will gladly add you if you'll do the same. My book comes out at the end of September.

    I actually have more Swedes than Americans on my email list right now; I guess they're sort of in your neck of the woods. More yours than mine, anyway. It's complicated to explain how that came about, but you can reach me through my site, which is in my signature line, and I'll tell you all about it.

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