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Does this break any rule?


Hi guys,

I just joined and was posting a thread, however it occurred to me that I may be breaking some rule, would this question be approved or would it be consider sensitive?

"Does anybody have references about gender disphoria in the fantasy gender?"


Also not staff, but I can still link to the forum rules
Skimming through them a bit to jog my memory. It kinda falls under sensitive topics. Which the rules advise to approach with extra care and gravity rather than outright prohibiting; but to my understanding that applies more to a thread discussing said sensitive topics. With a thread simply asking for book recommendations that includes gender dysphoria in a fantasy setting (or potentially relevant articles about it's inclusion in fantasy? If you do make this thread I'd make your question more specific) I doubt it would be a problem at all.


Fiery Keeper of the Hat
Yep, it's fine.

Broadly speaking we try to keep these topics grounded in writing issues and avoid the political talking points. And of course people talk about their own experiences.