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Dragon's Egg - Rules Questions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Dragon's Egg RPG' started by Steerpike, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. SeverinR

    SeverinR Vala

    Opens the dusty cobweb covered door and calls out...

    Was bored, decided to look at a certain character turning into a ninja.
    Had a question about prime attributes.

    Aliron's primes are Dex and Int.
    If he was to switch occupation to Monk, he would have prime of CON, not his worst.
    So I believe I would make his Primes Dex and Con, rather then INT. (not like he is going to try to cast a spell.)

    Was waiting for him to reach 5th level thief...big ability change, triple backstab.
    Was thinking of using the break as a time of reflection and just do the change now. He is really strong as it is.
    He would lose the use of his long sword(it's not listed), but keep the scimitar, and he still can use the bow.

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