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Dream I just had


Hey guys, just woke up.

Very few interesting things just took place, I can relate them to my waking life as well. Few interesting quotes and people and creatures.

id been in and out of sleep for a while, but before getting up I decided I’d fall back to sleep one more time. To which I woke up (in my dream state) in a bed resembling mine, except a bigger room, maybe a bit darker, with music playing.

I started singing to the songs, fluently, thinking of fame success etc. then suddenly this - thing, kind of warm but also kinda like a slug, warped into my bedroom and attatched itself to my back, and stayed there. The slug was a female and could talk, but I didn’t know this yet.

suddenly I could sing like an angel, and the slug didn’t want me to stop, so I kept going through one song to the next, singing in the darkness to my one friend, the slug.

on the last song, i couldn’t really match the beat, it was some edm stuff, so I asked the slug, should I sing to this? And she got mad, detached itself from me and tried to escape, saying ‘you don’t like the stuff I create for you, why am I even here’.

after the slug had left my back I felt an instant burning sensation, almost painful, but just very noticeable.

I walked over and saw her / it in very high levels of distress as it realised that it couldn’t escape, it was stuck with me / in my reality or subconscious.

I tried to reassure it, I CAN sing, just give me another chance, with you, we can do anything.

My brother came in and talked about having a shower while I was talking to the slug. I mentioned to him to get out, but only after some convincing did he actually leave.

Seconds after I left, with the demon in tow, now walking beside me, at this moment I could already assume that the demon was invisible to all other people there.

my brother, In a sly kind of way, along these lines said - hey, got a girl in there, again I forced him away and resumed talking to the slug.

on my way to the shower, which was apparently my brothers idea but now my turn of events, I saw an old high school friend, someone I kinda always looked up to, I was interlinking conversation between the slug and the friend trying to keep the conversations seperate but to no avail, the two people / things got crossed messages.

I said I’ve got a demon to my friend, not mentioning she was right there to him etc, but kind of came across like that. To which she (the slug) said ‘… I’m not a demon’ but after more interweaved conversation the slug admitted that yes, she was a demon, and what I was feeling on my back, was indeed hellfire.

at this moment I started to have thoughts of leaving the slug, cutting it off due to the repercussions, life after death, living in hell, also thought that if I lived with the slug for my whole life and did so successfully that in my next life I would get reincarnated as a politician, and so I thought, well, that’s not too bad right?

but then I looked to my friend and I told him.

“sometimes in life it’s not your perspective that matters but your motive”

I also felt like this burst of wisdom was a trick, influenced / given course from the demon itself as to allow it more time to stay connected.

soon after another guy joined the shower, and Hillary duff.

I don’t know what to think about the second guy, he was Asian, long hair and i recognised him irl (I think I used to sell dr*** to him earlier in life back when I made a lot more mistakes than promising moves) I couldn’t sense anything about him, and Hillary duff well, wtf.

Hillary duff went on to say something about grain and a rope (from what I can remember, though I am sure it is incorrect) but what it resembles to me after analysing my conscious mind, is that Hillary duff had been driven completely insane by hellfire, and was trying to use up more of her demons provided wisdom, and left us all in a state of confusion, though not as bad as what she felt internally. It also resembled, pull or get pulled / pull or pull harder.

after that, probably because I simply just couldn’t take any more insanity, I woke up, kinda lonely and missing my new slug friend