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Dreams, Reality, Afterlife

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by HokuRyu, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. HokuRyu

    HokuRyu Dreamer

    Dreams have always been my primary inspiration. In my first book, Reliquary, I want to lay the framework of the relationship between dreams and reality. They kind of echo off one another and I see dreams as our a second soul where we can wander between dimensions.

    However, I feel like my explanation of how one waking person arrives in another dimension is cheap. The idea is that when one dies in a dream, they wake up. When one dies in reality, they can wake up where they were dreaming.

    This might work except I’m certain that dreams are not the afterlife. The afterlife is focused broadly in later chapters. However, Reliquary relies on the premise of a dreamer becoming real in another dimension.

    I would love some help brainstorming this.
  2. Chasejxyz

    Chasejxyz Inkling

    What, exactly, is the afterlife? Are you talking about it in the Christian sense that there's just the one Really Nice Good Place you get to hang out in after? (and also there's a bad place, too). Or is it like Judaism/Jehovah's Witnesses* where you get to hang out on Earth after some point in time?

    In Buddhism, there's a bunch of different "realms" and most are not "you're on Earth again but you're a different guy or maybe a fish this time." Like the asura realm and the hungry ghost realm. Some are nice and pleasant, some really suck, but none of them you stay in forever (unlike Christianity**), the only way out is to attain enlightenment. The life after this one just keeps going and going, across all sorts of realms (and sub realms), which you could think of as dimensions.

    So: what is the afterlife in your story? Is it a literal plane/place/planet that you go to after some qualification is met? I think if you do something like Buddhism, where there's these various dimensions that you can go to but the final end of the road place (nirvana) is somewhere else, entirely detached from everything else. They do something like this in The Good Place which I think is pretty rad. So your characters can die in real life and then end up in the dream world(s) but still not end up in The Final Good (or Bad) Place.

    *Yes I know that, technically, heaven does exist in JW ideology but there is a limited number of slots in heaven and they've all been called...so most people aren't going to go to it. Hence why this little detail isn't mentioned in those books they hand out for free in the park

    **Yes I know that Pure Land Buddhism exists but let's not get into that
  3. HokuRyu

    HokuRyu Dreamer

    Ultimately, my (book’s) take on the afterlife is participation in creation. Each dimension encountered is basically a work of art constructed by someone who, after lifetimes of training and moral adherence, is allowed to do this by God. My Tai Chi instructor put it very good the other day, “there are those who devote their entire lives to mastery over a single movement.”

    Not to say reincarnation is a thing in my book, but after death a constant phase of discipline and growth. Like the Catholic purgatory of sorts.

    what do you think of my problem though of how dreams become real?

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