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  1. DragonOfTheAerie

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    Do you ever have dreams that you think say something about your life or have some sort of meaning? Especially ones relating to your writing...

    I dreamed last night that i decorated the downstairs with stuff from my books and I was excited about it. But everyone complained, and no one liked any of it. So i went and ripped everything down. I went upstairs and told my mom, "I took all the stupid stuff down." She reacted like oh no, it was good!

    I think this is reflective of how i'm afraid people will respond to my writing generally...by not liking it, but then saying that they do. Also the putting stuff on the walls might have had something to do with the fact that I was putting together and hanging up an outline on my wall late last night...

    What about y'all? Any dreams with meanings relating to your life or your writing? Maybe a dream has helped you solve writer's block?

    I wish. I hardly ever dream about my stories directly.
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  2. Sheilawisz

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    Hello Dragon!

    It's very true that often our dreams have certain meanings, which are connected to our desires, fears, personal insecurities and many other aspects of our lives. Other times they are just crazy stuff that our subconscious minds have fun with, but it does help to analyze our dreams at least sometimes.

    That dream you just described is pretty clear to me:

    You have some internal fear to share your stories, characters and worlds and get rejection instead of appreciation. Anyway, a part of you firmly believes that your material is good and you need to overcome this fear eventually.

    I hope that dream is going to help you!

    My life is pretty twisted and broken, so most of my dreams are twisted and broken too. In fact, so many of my dreams are so monstrous that I do not even record them in my Dreams Journal even though I should be recording them. They are the kind of material that is better to abandon and forget.

    Sometimes I dream cool stuff too, and very rarely I dream about my characters and stories.
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  3. Storm_Of_Theives

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    I think they can be. Maybe you are just so excited about your writing, but also worried about how people will take it. I think you need to be confident in yourself and not worry about what others think. You are writing for them. You are writing for yourself, for the joy of it, for the pleasure it brings. Someone else out there will love what you do. You need not be afraid. :)
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    Hello Storm!

    First of all, Welcome to Mythic Scribes. I hope that you are going to enjoy the community in this site, and perhaps make interesting new friends. We try to be welcoming and friendly, and to keep a positive atmosphere around here.

    I love what you said in the previous post!

    It's really important to always remember that, I mean to keep in mind that we write our stories for the pleasure and satisfaction that Storytelling brings to us. I always say that it's not my work to please the readers: My work is to get my stories told, and the first person that needs to be happy and satisfied with them is myself.

    Another excellent point is that if an author is really happy with a story, then it's a sure thing that many other people out there would also enjoy that same story.

    Getting over the fear of Nobody is going to like my work! is super important for a storyteller.

    Another thing that I say to others is that if I was the only person in the world I would still be writing stories for myself, even if nobody else would ever get to read and enjoy them.
  5. Lorna Smithers

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    Yes, I think dreams are definitely meaningful and bound up with our hopes and fears and with possibilities for the future.

    I've had dreams of what might my represent my hopes and fears. I'm currently writing a book about an ancient British god called Gwyn ap Nudd who is a ruler of Winter and who fights a seasonal battle against another god called Gwythyr ap Greidol who is a ruler of Summer. They have been forgotten throughout many centuries of Christianity.

    In one of my dreams my friend's daughter had a school book featuring them battling as two knights which might represent me hoping my writing their stories will one day get them known in schools.

    Then their battle appeared again in a film that lots of people were watching preceding a poetry reading I was going to give and I found out that another poet had written a book about Gwyn called the Horned God based on the film, which was about Gwyn and Gwythyr battling in Gloucester, and I hadn't realised lots of other people were writing Gwyn's story and I wasn't the first to do it. Which obviously shows my fears!
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  6. sPAm

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    I use to. Now I dont dream much. Sadly. But I learn a good trick if you wish to remeber your dreams. Have a pen and papper next to you by the bed and be ready. That helpt me remeber my dreams.

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