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Enter...The robot/android of the narrative

I've been slowly brainstorming ideas and concepts regarding one of the protagonists that follow my MC on his quest to save the world from utter annihilation. Since the lore of my world focuses on an age that is almost forgotten save for the endeavors of archaeology in this universe. Even then this character is an ancient sentinel and the very first prototype of his kind. How he has survived all those millennia as a wandering traveler prior to meeting our MC will be revealed in time.

In short, my robot character is very human-like in appearance and is capable of free will and thought. Originally, the character was designed to be a historian of sorts in the Old World. Character-wise, he acts very human with some slight loner tendencies. Even in speech, he doesn't let on to the fact he's actually much older than the party would have guessed.

The narrative was to have him join our band of heroes initially (albeit reluctantly) for his own reasons and to no one's surprise winds up getting sucked into the epic struggle. The rest of the crew find it strange how the sentinel never really sleeps or eats for that matter. I was looking for some possible feedback and ideas to make the grand reveal of his true character have more impact on the reader.

I was thinking initially that my sentinel would take a hard blow that would have seriously hurt the MC. In the aftermath, some of his underlying components are revealed much to the shock of the group. Another running idea of mine was he finds himself in a situation where to protect the group, the sentinel breaks cover to open an ancient security blast door and is forced to explain thereafter about his past.

I don't think latter would have as much appeal or shock value so I might lean more towards Situation A. I'm still slowly drafting so any thoughts or input would be appreciated. I hope your projects are going well for you all.


Why does the android's past need to be a secret? Is there something that drives him to keep it hidden?