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Discussion in 'World Building' started by The Realm Wanderer, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. The Realm Wanderer

    The Realm Wanderer Troubadour

    I wasn't sure whether to post this in world building or showcase, but I figured I'd leave the showcase section for writing alone.
    I wrote in the Maps! thread that I'd created a basic map for the world in which my novel takes place (Esilas) and that I'd post it when I got it online. I just uploaded it today on Photobucket and thought I'd share.
    We definitely need the visuals forum I mentioned in the "Suggestions & Feedback" section. Anyway, here it is. Remember, it's only something for me to use as a reference when writing, nothing more. :)
  2. Ophiucha

    Ophiucha Auror

    I think we could use a forum for general notes and idea sharing. Make an entire post just for all the worldbuilding you've done, since by now we've shared so much in various individual threads, we might as well have a collective place, eh?

    Anyway, cute map. :) Lots of big lakes.
  3. Fnord

    Fnord Troubadour

    I like that idea. A "brainstorming" forum?
  4. The Realm Wanderer

    The Realm Wanderer Troubadour

    Thank you :) And I couldn't agree more. You should put it in the 'suggestions' forum. I've already suggested a forum for people to put any artwork they've possibly done e.g. maps, cover art, object/weapon designs, quick sketches etc.
    Just a bit of information - Borea is the ice realm, Plorra the forest realm, Balryn the rock and mountainous realm, Qarnadyth the desert realm and Moltain the volcanic realm.
    But yeah, a brainstorming forum sounds gurrrddd ;)

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