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Everything you wanted to know about being a writer (but were afraid to ask)

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by Twook00, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Twook00

    Twook00 Sage

    Here are the first 10...

    1. We live on toast. And cereal. And caffeine. And wine. But mainly toast.

    2. By the time our book comes out, it feels like a childhood memory. But more distant.

    3. Our daily word-count was approximately three thousand words higher before the arrival of Facebook and Twitter.

    4. At parties someone will always say, 'So have you written anything I'd have heard of?' Or, 'How are the books going?' Both questions end in awkward silence.

    5. If we were number two in the bestseller charts, the only book we would ever be thinking about is the one selling more.

    6. We never know if the book we are writing is the right one until we have written it. And even then we are not sure.

    7. It is harder to make friends after you become a writer than it was before. But way easier to make enemies.

    8. People think you are automatically a bit weird. (Or is that just me?)

    9. We need editors 'like a fat kid needs cake' - to quote that sensitive literary soul, 50 Cent.

    10. The best day is when we get to see our book cover. Unless we don' t like the book cover in which case it is the worst day.

    The rest of them (37 total) are here:
    Everything you wanted to know about being a writer (but were afraid to ask) | Booktrust
  2. Twook00

    Twook00 Sage

    By the way, I did not write this. :D
  3. SeverinR

    SeverinR Vala

    #22: "We are happy for five whole minutes after a book is sent off. Then we realise all the mistakes we made."
    The only submission I made I felt like this.
    "29. Writing is heaven. Re-writing is hell."
    I have rewritten three books from the beginning, and liked it just as much as the first. Sometimes editing can be hell.
  4. :D I loved this!
  5. Twook00

    Twook00 Sage

    #4 got a good laugh. I can totally see that happening.

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