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Fantasy categories/genres- help?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by JediKnightMuse, May 23, 2016.

  1. JediKnightMuse

    JediKnightMuse Troubadour

    Disclaimer: I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot, but there isn't really a better place for it, so I figured I'd stick it here.

    I'm currently working on a website/message board community geared toward fantasy writers. We found a mod for the software we're using (SMF, for anyone who's wondering) that's specifically called "fan fiction," but is basically for sites specifically for posting stories on. It has a very similar set up to fanfiction.net, with the different categories and such.

    Unfortunately, the free version only allows you to select one category that a story submission can fall under (i.e. high fantasy). The paid version is $50.00, and since the site is so new I'm not willing to pay for it, or ask anyone to pay for it. So we're trying to figure out the actual categories to have people select from for their stories that they submit.

    Initially, we talked about just doing the different fantasy genres, but it's so easy for a story to fall under more than one of those genres (i.e. high fantasy with a heroic fantasy sub-genre) that it's not very easy to do that. So then we talked about doing it based on setting (and also have an "other" category), which we're not 100% sold on. Over time, we plan on adding more categories, but we just want a fair amount of choices to start off with that won't be too limiting and make people just choose "other" all the time.

    We need two levels of genres- the top level is the one that you can't select, and the bottom level is the one that you CAN select that would fit your story. This is what my co-mod came up with, to help with some of the overlap:

    Low/Historic Tech
    * Medieval
    * Steampunk/Victorian
    * Wuxia
    (anything set in or inspired by historic eras, pretty much)

    Modern Tech
    * Paranormal
    * Urban Fantasy
    * Superhero/mutant fantasy (maybe?)

    Futuristic Tech
    * Science Fantasy
    * (Post)Apocalyptic Fantasy​

    Obviously there are issues... such as low tech/historic era-inspired fantasy being much more broadly popular in fantasy... but that's why we could use some input. Also, going setting-based would mean that we don't list things like heroic fantasy or high fantasy since those can span across multiple setting types.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives to using the setting or genre idea that wouldn't mean being too inclusive? Or do you have any further suggestions for what else could go under these categories? Is there some way we could, like, combine genre and setting together (i.e...high fantasy/medieval or something) that we're not seeing?
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  2. ThinkerX

    ThinkerX Myth Weaver

    Secondary World. Stories set on a world not earth.
  3. JediKnightMuse

    JediKnightMuse Troubadour

    The term secondary earth is cool, but not exactly what we're looking for. A secondary world could have low or mid or futuristic levels of tech and so doesn't prevent overlap. We're more looking for subsettings that fit into these or feedback about whether this sort of categorization seems like a good idea/what could work better while avoiding overlap.
  4. Ban

    Ban Sir Laserface Article Team

    -Atom punk (50's 60's era futuristic spacerace tech, so like the Fallout games)
    -Dieselpunk (World war 2 era futuristic tech)
    -Other punks like Nanopunk, Elfpunk, Biopunk etc..
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  5. Rick

    Rick Acolyte

    I like your setting based approach. You'll never cover everything, but I think this idea is a good one. I think the Low/Historic Tech could use a pre-medieval category (Ancient?). Also, an Off World/Secondary World group of categories would be helpful I think.

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