The world you live in is, as of now, naught but a single stone room. You are all the very first beings, the Blubits. Each Blubit is unique, but their basic anatomy is a body that is a simple shape. Blubits are amorphous, however, and may shapechange as an Ambitious Act.
Your goals are your own, and you will accomplish them by interacting with the many other Blubits and creating rooms. It is similar to Fate Of Golems, but on a much smaller scale. The turns only last for a short amount of time, although the time itself is a bit malleable, and may become larger scale eventually. The current room is featureless, made of naught but stone brick
To introduce your character, state your name, shape (e.g. Cone or Cube or Sphere), and color (e.g. Lavender. Magenta, Lime Green, Rainbow), and pronouns of your Blubit (he/him, she/her, they/them, none)
The rules of Fate Of Golems, which is similar to Fate Of Blubits:

With that out of the way, let’s go over the gameplay. In Fate of Golems you play the game by writing down one thing you want your golem to do for each round. What sort of things are these? Anything. If you want your nondescript golem to find a cave to build a home in, you can write this down. If on the other hand you want your golem to try and discover flight, you can also write this down.

For each choice you make, the game master will decide whether this act is a common one (finding a cave and building a home in it), an ambitious one (founding a city) or a delusional one (learning flight). For each of these options a 100-sided dice will be rolled (online) to determine whether the act is successful or not and the game master will describe to you what happened exactly. The more difficult the act is, the more likely your character is to die trying to accomplish it and the less likely the chance of success is.

A common act has a 39% chance of absolute success, a 35% chance of moderate success, a 25% chance of moderate failure and a 1% chance of death.

An ambitious act has a 25% chance of absolute success, a 35% chance of moderate success, a 35% chance of moderate failure and a 5% chance of… Grim reaper time.

A delusional act has a 15% chance of absolute success, a 20% chance of moderate success, a 40% chance of moderate failure, but a whopping 25% chance of... Well, you're gone.

What's the difference between absolute and moderate success? Flavour and epicness of what will happen to your golem for the most part."
[I'm flexible on when you turn in your turn, but if you take to long we will move on without you, and you'll miss a turn]


Troglodytic Trouvère
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I am Bork, a beige cube. I want to find or build a sauna. (He/Him)
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Never really tried one of these before, but alright.

My name is Barbus (he/him,) a green triangle. Being a triangle of vigilance and preparation, I would like to buy or tame a triangular green horse to increase the feasibility of future excursions and escapes.
[Bork got a 53 on a Common Act which means it is a moderate failure]
Bork attempts to will a sauna into being, but ends up simply sitting there, thinking:
"What is a sauna?"
[Barbus got a 42 on a Common Act]
Barbus attempts to tame a noble steed, then realizes that there simply are no horses or similar creatures around anywhere. He contemplates the existence of horses
[Markus got a 33 on a Common Act]
Markus squirms his way across the room, then collides with a wall.

Ban , have I been calculating this right?

Almyrigan Hero

Being both the same color as King Piccolo and the same shape as a starfish's arm, I suppose myself capable of generating a son/clone from my own body. I attempt this because a plentitude of factors make mating an unlikely prospect for me.
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Barbus got a 93 on an ambitious act- super success!
Barbus wobbles before the sight organs of the other shapes as he splits into an equally sized and colored triangle. The triangle turns to Barbus and expresses its love for its father by generating a small, floating heart shape above its pointy top
Ban and Maker of Things Not Kings
Bork: 73 and Markus: 61 on a common act: success!
Bork and Markus both slam their bodies into the wall a couple of times, and they manage to find a crack in the wall. They created a sort of large hole leading to another, much larger room

The World:
The world is made up of two featureless rooms, and colorful shapes.
Markus, hoping for a "yes, and" result, sits with the "yes, but" just doesn't have it in him to slam into another wall just yet. He decides instead to try and use bits of stone to make a sign saying Welcome to the Rhombus Room. over the new opening in the wall. Sign making/puzzle solving, being a truly meditative endeavor, he then gets an idea!

Markus will see if he can convince the others to help out.

He'll need Barbus to agree to act as a fulcrum. Being a rather long and slender Rhombus, Markus intends to use himself as the lever and then, if Bork, on a break from his glorious furniture making endeavor, would be so kind as to load good-sized stones onto one end of Markus's body and jump on the opposite end, perhaps they can catapult stones into the wall furthest from the new opening between rooms and break through a wall here too.

What say ye oh shapes of the chambers?

Almyrigan Hero

Barbus has decided to humor Markus' request, but only if the sign text is changed to 'Welcome to the Rhombus (and, in addition, Triangle) Room.' The act of effortlessly creating a perfect clone on his first attempt has corrupted Barbus slightly with a desire to expand his influence and that of all triangle kind.
Markus will happily make the sign to reflect Barbus' wishes. After all, there's no catapult without a fulcrum. Soon, if it is the will of the Hectogon, holder of fates and the holiest of all shape-holies, at the very least, we may each have our own room!
Common Act- 62= absolute success
Bork pushes around some of the debris, and somehow the debris tumbles around and just so happens to take the physical form of a round table kept up by four blocks, with a few blocks that somehow look like stone living chairs surrounding it.
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Common Act- 42= success Common Act- 68= absolute success
Barbus and Markus have not only successfully thrown the rocks and created the sign, but in addition have conveniently left rhombus and triangle shaped marks on the wall, one on each side of the opening.
The rubble and debris is all gone now.