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Fictional Language creators Interview NEEDED for thesis research


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Hello !!
I’m new to this community! I'm Jen from Taiwan. I’m a graduate student in NY and keep working on my thesis recently.
My thesis topic is fictional languages (constructed languages), and I’d like to do more research about this topic.

Therefore, I am so desperate to find some people who are interested in fictional language studies/ creating fictional languages/ fictional languages creators to ask more questions!!!

If you are interested in this field or work as a professional language creator, please leave a message or email me!!!
Also, if someone know somewhere else I can find some community (or recommend some forums and websites), I would appreciate it !!!

Thank you so much!!!!
*Contact: [email protected]


Jeez, Here for a day and already she tore my heart out.

I started to make a con language once but found it too much work, too little reward. Sorry.

But welcome here.
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toujours gai, archie
How much have you looked around? What bibliographic research have you done?

I just searched "reddit fictional language studies" and immediately found a sub-reddit on that very topic. I'm sure there are many resources on well-established fictional languages, including Klingon, Tolkien's languages, the stuff invented for Game of Thrones, and so on. There's a Wikipedia article specifically on fictional languages creators. There's also conlang software, so you could find those and look up who created that and try for an interview there.

In short, I believe you should be able to turn up plenty for a thesis. Also, don't hesitate to ask your thesis advisor!
Conlangers shouldn't be all that difficult to find. You might even look to Amazon and those people who write books on the art of conlangs. I have several books by Mark Rosenfelder, and I know there are other crazy buggers who go much deeper than I do.