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Final Fantasy XIV coming to PS3?


Square-Enix is busy hammering out the bugs of the PC version. A PS3 version is due out the end of this year or early next year. What are they waiting for? Version 2.0.

Do you play it on PC or will you play it on PS3?

Considering that DC Universe is F2P, I wish S-E all kinds of luck getting people to sub to their game especially since every character you build and use costs extra money. (It's 12.99 for one character per month..... I forget how much extra another character was on the same account.)


I know there are people who play it, but given all of the better options for MMOs, I really don't see why anyone would play it. I mean, there was a bug where you couldn't release when the game first came out. And through all the bug fixes and tweaks, it's still not a particularly good game. The story's pathetically boring and hidden in these massive walls of text. And lord, the gathering couldn't be more tedious. Mining anything takes a good twenty minutes. :/

At least on the PS3, the menus might be worthwhile. They clearly made the game with the console in mind, which is dreadful for PC gamers, since the menus are unwieldy and unresponsive half of the time.