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Discussion in 'Research' started by Aldarion, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Aldarion

    Aldarion Sage

    OK, so my setting is essentially "Western Roman Empire survives" kind of deal. Not exactly however, as geography is not an exact duplicate of Earth.
    Now, originally, Western part of the Empire would not have fallen at all, its geographical circumstances being far superior to those of real-world Western Roman Empire. But eventually I decided to incorporate Irish mythology, specifically Fomorians. They will essentially replace barbarians of great migrations, and bring about dissolution of Western Empire, which will then reunite in kinda-sorta Holy Roman Empire deal with side order of Justinianic reconquest.

    So what are useful sources on Fomorians, and is there anything related I should look at? This is what I found so far:
    The Celts: A-H
    Celtic Gods and Heroes
    Celtic Mythology
    Gods and Heroes of the Celts

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