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Forum Changes


Fiery Keeper of the Hat
Hey Scribes,

We reviewed the forums ahead of the new software update and Black Dragon has asked me to announce the changes that we've made today.

1) We moved "Novels & Stories" to the top of its group to suggest its importance.

2) If you want to talk about blog posts that you've found online, you may now do that in "Writers on the Web." The description has been updated to include that.

3) Winds of Ysgard and the Mythic Archipelago have been archived. Our thanks to those who were involved in those activites.

4) "Brainstorming & Planning" has been moved up so it won't be forgotten. Remember, it's still a members-only forum.

5) "Suggestions & Feedback" is now "Ask the Staff." Feel free to use it!

6) Chit Chat and Introductions have been put in a group by themselves. Hopefully this'll make it easier to greet our new members and encourage them to stick around.

Finally, the big one.

7) We've split Showcase into two forums - Showcase and the brand new "Critique Requests." The Showcase is for sharing your work on a casual level, and Critique Requests is for those seeking a more detailed review. Perhaps the best way to look at it is the difference between beta readers and a critique group. Of course that will mean different things to different people - give it a try and we'll work it out together.