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Freelance Speculative Fiction Editor: Bear and Black Dog Editing

Discussion in 'Services' started by Bear_BlackDog, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Bear_BlackDog

    Bear_BlackDog New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Ashlynn Yuhas, a freelance and indie pub editor. Since obtaining my degree in Professional Writing I've worked with books in a variety of ways, as a writer, library assistant, and editor. I'm currently managing editor at Tantrum Books, an MG imprint of Georgia McBride Media Group.

    I offer freelance editing services as well, which is what I'd like to offer to this community. I freelance with Cait Spivey, another indie pub editor, under the name Bear and Black Dog Editing.


    Together we have a broad expertise in speculative fiction, in age ranges from MG to Adult and in sub genres from paranormal romance to sci fi. We work together because it allows us to offer some services that a single editor couldn't. These services are especially helpful to the growing self-publishing community. We offer services that can help querying writers, self-published authors, and writers who want to improve their craft with the guidance of professionals. Services currently on offer include:

    • First Five Page Review
    • Chapter Edit
    • Reader Report
    • Line Edit
    • Developmental Edit

    In the future we're also going to offer worksheets and revision workshops (chocolate and alcohol delivery have also been discussed...now wouldn't that be fantastic?). We also have a blog with helpful insider information and tips on revision, called Long Story, Short Blog.

    Our pricing is listed on the Services page of our website. Since I'm a longtime member of forums and a big believer in the communities they foster, I'd like to offer a special discount to all members of Mythic Scribes: 20% off a line or developmental edit. (These do not have to be full manuscript edits; portions two full chapters or longer count)

    If you're interested in hiring either Cait or I, or both of us for a "twice tried" package, please email me at [email protected] . Make sure to mention your Mythic Scribes username in the email to get the discount. We always offer free 3 page samples for bigger projects, and you'll find more info about our different editing approaches on the blog. We accept payment through Paypal, should you choose to hire.

    Thank you for taking the time to read about my work; I hope you all find the success and joy you're looking for in your stories!



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