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Gods and Goddesses

Discussion in 'Flat Earth' started by Legendary Sidekick, Oct 31, 2013.

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  1. Legendary Sidekick

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    There are thirteen non-evil deities, six gods and seven goddesses. If you believe in what a deity stands for, you may wish to worship Him or Her. There are some charismatic types who worship deities who are married to each other, and some who worship The Maiden as well as another goddess.

    You may choose to follow a deity or two… or not.

    The deities:
    • The Chef — god of cooking, strength, and fire
    • The Gardener — goddess of nature and health
    • The Spirit — goddess of wine and nakedness
    • The Warrior — god of war and steel
    • The Woodsman — god of hunting and craftsmanship
    • The Maiden — goddess of purity, clothing, and shopping
    • The Scribe — god of writing, storytelling, and time
    • The Painter — goddess of art and creativity
    • The Voice — goddess of music and the open sea
    • Jack — god of fortune
    • The Father — Creator, Protector and Judge
    • The Mother — goddess of love, marriage, and fertility
    • Lady Death — goddess of death

    If you worship two of the above, you should either follow a god and goddess who are married to each other, or follow the Maiden and another goddess.

    Marriages made in heaven:
    • The Chef & The Spirit
    • The Woodsman & The Gardener
    • The Warrior & Lady Death
    • The Scribe & The Voice
    • Jack & The Painter
    • The Father & The Mother

    • The Maiden & The Gardener
    • The Maiden & The Spirit
    • The Maiden & The Painter
    • The Maiden & The Voice
    • The Maiden & The Mother
    • The Maiden & Lady Death

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