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Greetings All

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Xela, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Xela

    Xela Scribe

    Hey everyone, my name's Alex Pendergrass although on most writing websites I go by Xela...

    Let's see, I've been writing fantasy for about 12 years now. But only in the last few would I even begin to claim that it's of any quality. I've participated in NaNoWriMo a handful of times, winning in 2011 when I rewrote my current manuscript. Late last summer, I received my first bit of profitable publication.

    My novel (To Vivify Evil, although I'm toying with a title change) was accepted as a launch title in e-book, serialized format through JukePop Serials (where it would be released one chapter at a time). I did fairly well, peaking at 11th out of the 100+ stories offered at launch. I gave the site five chapters and since then have stopped updating because I don't want to alienate any potential agents/publishers who don't look kindly upon a story that's already been published before. I feel that this way it serves as a teaser, albeit slightly extended, the sort you can find on most authors' websites these days.

    Anyhow, now I'm just working on finishing up the last few chapters and revisions (it will finish at around 180k+ words). In August, I'm attending a writing conference at Northwestern University, where I hope to have the chance to network with professionals and simply learn more about the business and the craft. I'm in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from my local college (Eastern Michigan University) and attending two face-to-face workshops in town in between classes. I like to say that I write dark fantasy (in the vein of Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, my absolute favorite series). Looking forward to contributing, receiving feedback, and offering it as well.

    Aside from writing and reading fantasy, I was once a [semi] professional gamer (the Halo series), I've managed restaurants (and hope to never do so again), and I'm an avid fan of great storytelling in any medium. Also, I'll stop rambling now. :redface:
  2. Draco99

    Draco99 Scribe

    Hello and welcome fellow newbie!
    Have a great stay in the world of fantasy!

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