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Greetings fellow fantasy writers


Hello one and all! My name is Vic (Maybe that is obvious...) I love to read and write fantasy stories. Actually I like to read any stories except horror stories.

I hope to meet some people here who will become good friends.


Hello, Vic. I'm sure you'll fit right in. I'm looking forward to reading some of the work you submit to the showcase section.
Hey Vic, welcome. Do you mean short stories? They are kind of a dying art though many of us flirt with them today. I recently was watching/listening to a Stephen King interview on shorts on youtube. Do you ever submit your work for publication?


I am working with someone on a series of novels. I haven't written much short stuff as I get caught up in the story and keep on telling more. Be sure to look at my website for a short peek at what I have in the works.

I have not yet submitted anything. Mostly I feel that my work is not good enough to submit.