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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Roosevelt Theo, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Roosevelt Theo

    Roosevelt Theo Acolyte

    Hello all,
    As you can see, the name I use is Roosevelt Theo. Theodore Roosevelt to be exact. And he (Theo) is not my real name. He is just a man who has lost his memories and woke up in a strange place which he now called as Dreamtopia.

    But that was a long time ago... (wait for my novel to know more about the details)
    Now, he found himself in a whole new place, or realm, which he heard from a passer-by calling it as mythicscribes.
    He doesn't know sure what he would do. So he just walking around without a clue.

    "This place... it reminds me of Dreamtopia," Said Theo as he keeps walking down the path and see a little fairy with flickering light like a firefly. "But This is not Dreamtopia..." he continued as he heard a big flapping sound from the sky. He doesn't know what kind of creature is making that sound, but he hides himself in the dense forest to avoid it.

    As he keeps venturing down the road, he found a civilization. Not so crowded civilization, yet there are a group of people hanging out, talking, and doing their business. They appear to be human, but he still feels unsure about going into that village. He is afraid that the people who live there will reject him immediately. But he has no choice; he is in a strange land; He doesn't know what to do, and he is for sure, without a doubt, need a help to find his way back home.

    And thus, Theodore Roosevelt walked towards the village.

    As he arrived at the gate, he slowed down his pace. He is trying to figure out is the village is safe or not...

    "Welcome!" shouted a guy wearing a rusty and dented armor, with quite a lot scratches mark here and there, showing that he has been in many battles.
    The guy appears to be just "welcoming" people who come into the village. So Theo gives him a smile and continues his walk toward a bulletin board.

    As he stands in front of the bulletin board, he looks at it and sees there are a lot of interesting reading material in there. A missing person, bandit problem, crops failed, cursed places. A lot. Until, he found a paper that reads,

    "Welcome to mythicscribes. If you new to this realm, join us in the tavern nearby the city or village you are in, and don't forget to introduce yourself with the others. There are a lot of things that you can do here. Just be friendly with each other, find a party if you want and take a quest from the bulletin board. This realm is not safe if you venture alone, so, go visit your local tavern and find out for yourself."

    As he finishes reading it, Theo looks around, trying to find the tavern in that village. Lucky enough, not that difficult to find the tavern, because it was standing right behind the bulletin board. So he walks to the tavern; he enters and sits there on the bar.

    A bartender approaches him and asks,
    "You must be new in here. Welcome!"

    Theo nods his head. The bartender grins and gives him a big glass of beer.
    "it's on the house..." said the bartender as he wipes the counter.
  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Hail and well-met Roosevelt Theo
    Good to have you here.
    That is a story to start with!
    "On the house"? I'm not sure the Bartender knows the meaning of those words.
    "double for the newbie" is more likely. But you caught it on a good day. And have you noticed that when it grins, it's teeth seem to follow you around the room like eyes in a painting? Or maybe that's just me.
    Have a look around and make yourself at home.
  3. Welcome Roosevelt. Enjoy yourself.

    Well, the bartender offered the same, "It's on the house." greeting when I first arrived but that meant I had to have my first pint sitting on the roof. . . and there were bats.
  4. Roosevelt Theo

    Roosevelt Theo Acolyte

    Theo is struggling a little bit with the language and the accent that this person uses, but he understands it enough.
    He looked at you and he gives a slight smile of nervousness because you are the first person who speaks to him.
  5. Roosevelt Theo

    Roosevelt Theo Acolyte

    Theo turns to his left side and listens as you talk to him. Listening to your story, he finds it kinda funny, and he wants to laugh. But he holds it in because he doesn't want to make you feel unappreciated. So he lifts his beer and nods to you.
  6. William Russell

    William Russell Dreamer

    William Russell notes the new person in the tavern. Once he catches the newcomers eye, he nods in welcome then turns to the bartender and says, "Buy the new guy a drink...no...from the top shelf..."

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