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  1. Rattlehead TVR

    Rattlehead TVR Acolyte

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Rattlehead TVR and I'm currently writing my first novel. I have no prior experience or qualifications in story crafting, but i believe everyone has a great story hiding inside them somewhere. I read a lot in my spare time and a few of my favourite writters are David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey and David Gemmell.

    I've been writing my tale for the past year or so now and it is finally approaching its epic conclusion. I will then start the long task of editing and improving my work so that it is ready for submission. Which is why I'm here, to find out how to progress and develop my story further.

    I look forward to meeting and chatting to you all in the future.

    Rattlehead TVR
  2. Reaver

    Reaver Staff Moderator

    Hello & welcome to Mythic Scribes, Rattlehead TVR! You've definitely found the right place! You're absolutely right that everyone has a great story inside them and you'll find many, many of them here in the Scriptorium!:D

    I encourage you to post on all the threads that interest you and after you've made five posts, check out our very cool Challenges and Showcase Forums.

    You've chosen well...It's great to have you here!
  3. San Cidolfus

    San Cidolfus Mystagogue

    Hello and welcome, Rattlehead. Not to be too personal up front, but your name really makes me want to grab a'hold and give you a good feisty shake.

    Anyway, as Reaver pointed out, if you want help on progressing your story then the Showcase Forum is the place to go. Just post up any excerpts you feel brave enough to share and ask for a little feedback. We'll be all over it like jackals on a stray tourist.
  4. Aidan of the tavern

    Aidan of the tavern Dark Lord

    Welcome to the right place. Believe me, the only qualification in writing is...experience. Good work with that book, I've been on mine for over 2 years now and I haven't even started editing.
  5. Rattlehead TVR

    Rattlehead TVR Acolyte

    Thanks all, for the warm welcome.

    I'm looking forward to delving into the wealth of collective knowledge within the MC forum.

    @San Cidolfus, I could do with a good shake to kickstart my creativity this evening, its been a long day and motivation is currently eluding me.
  6. Klee Shay

    Klee Shay Lore Master

    We specialize in submission holds. Tag-teaming is optional.


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