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Guess the Prophecy

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by Elvin Cross, Jul 11, 2018.

Cities would burn, kingdoms would fall,only a lone man will rule them all. So who will rule?

  1. Daemon King

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  2. Elven Queen

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  3. Hyuman Emperor

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  4. Hero

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  5. Pope(mastermind???)

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  6. Death

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  1. Elvin Cross

    Elvin Cross Apprentice

    I was reading about a thread of how to make a prophecy and how to make obscure and build as much tension as the writer would allow.And then I was thinking "why not make a game of this?"

    There will be multiple hints and prophecies pointing at different possible answers,but only one of them will fulfill the prophecy.

    Hint one:
    The kingdom in which the prophecy was told is surrounded by three superpowers, Ynergem of the Fae, Septem Desidress of the dae(stereotypical fantasy barbaric baddies), and the neighboring hyuman empire of Crohm. The kingdom itself is only treated as a white line between them and their ambitions to conquer the other.
    Hint two:
    The prophecy is came from a neutral,foreign pope outside of all the superpowers.
    Hint three:
    The main characters gets involved,since they live in said kingdom doomed by the prophecy.

    You could also try for yourselves
    Do enjoy :)

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