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Hallo, Hullo


So, I was "followed" by the MS twitter account, which in turn led me to follow back, which in turn led to me checking out the forum, liking what I saw, and registering.

So, I'm Rantz (yes, that is indeed my real name, not an internet "L33T-speak" handle), I've been working in various creative industries... film, video, videogames, comics, prose... since 1985. As might be deduced, I am an old, bitter, and crotchety man. I do my best to channel said attitude into my work, so that I... in person... am nothing but sunshine and kittens and lovely rainbows.

(That's the theory)

I'm working on a half-dozen things right now, two of which are novels, one of which *might* be categorized as Fantasy. I tend to let the story be what it needs to be, and not worry quitesomuch about "is this hard Sci Fi? Is this Tourist-level fantasy?" I do however, get completely OCD about environment, backstory, and worldbuilding, and will spend years (literally) futzing with those details until it feels completely realized and second-hand to me, at which point the writing comes (usually) easy. (Since I'm not having to refer to notes about ascension rules in royal houses and the like).

So, hello! Hope to learn by observing, and perhaps be able to add something occasionally of value to the mix. Cheers!

Jess A

Hullo Rantz!

OCD about world building? You're in the right place, I think! We love discussions here.

Welcome to the Scribes :)