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Hello All!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ChantyLace, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. ChantyLace

    ChantyLace Dreamer

    Hello all,

    Elle here. I'm new to the entire writing "community" scene, and have absolutely no idea what I am doing. My life has taken me to a point where I no longer write any more and I just hit a point where I realised it kind of sucked. So my goal here is to become involved and hopefully start writing again.

    This is the second forum I'm joining, and this specific post is more or less a copy from the first one. (If you happen to frequent both, don't judge!) I just figured my introduction would be the same either way. The forum guidelines said to avoid duplicate content, and I'm not sure if this situation applies, so I've altered some of it, but leaving the main idea the same!

    I decided to wander over here, because fantasy is one of my favourite genres. So it's kind of neat to find a forum dedicated to it specifically!

    So some things you'd probably learn about me but it's easier to just mention them now:

    I'm 22 and finishing up my final year as a Human Resources Major in a Canadian University.

    My username and name seem to NOT match at all. My "Full" name is Chantelle Lace, but recently I've taken to Elle. Honestly, I'll respond to anything shot my way.

    Yes my middle name is legitimately Lace, I won't tell you my second one, but it is more outrageous than my first.

    Also, my avatar says Ella, which is my gamer handle, just to avoid confusion (which I actually seem to be creating instead of avoiding).

    I love to read, and while I wish I could take claim to reading great works.. I find them boring. I need to read something that makes my brain try to solve the riddle of what is happening next. Which explains why I read exactly what I write: horror, fantasy, thriller and mystery. It also explains why I'm slightly obsessed with TV. And by slightly I mean I have a schedule. It's really no big deal.

    I'm frankly glad that there is spell check embedded into everything, because while I'm a decent enough speller, this is the English language and it is HARD. (No I don't really speak another language, English is my native tongue, I am just not blind to it's many faults.)

    I look forward to exploring this forum and seeing what everyone has to offer.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my spiel.

  2. Leif Notae

    Leif Notae Sage

    Welcome to the show Elle, we loo forward to seeing what you have. I know the feeling at times, being a bit disconnected. However, there are some great people here who can assist in giving you the fire again. Just jump right on in and start chattin'.
  3. Steerpike

    Steerpike Felis amatus Moderator

    Welcome to the forums. Nice to have more writers/gamers aboard. There are a few of a here.
  4. Welcome to the Scribes Elle. It sounds like you may be in a similar situation to myself, thanks to my interfering life I drifted away from writing for the past 10 months and, without sounding too melodramatic, I think my inner artist has suffered for it. However, this place is great for getting back into it, as Leif says please don't hesitate to participate.

    Good luck and have fun,

  5. ChantyLace

    ChantyLace Dreamer

    Thank you for the welcomes! I've been trying to jump in already, creeping around the forums chatting in the topics :)
  6. Guru Coyote

    Guru Coyote Archmage

    Hey Elle :)
    One of the reasons to write is when you can't find anything you's like to read. So all you can do is write it yourself :)
  7. ChantyLace

    ChantyLace Dreamer

    Maybe that's why I haven't been writing. I always have about 6-7 books on the go, so I always have something to read.

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